What Can You See In The Resident Evil 6 Logo?

Over the weekend forums and Twitter were alive with the giggles when the Resident Evil 6 logo was revealed. When I first saw it, I thought it was a horse shoe with an extended... thing. The rest of The Internet had other ideas.

"Does anyone think the new Resident Evil logo look like a woman fellating a giraffe?" read a tweet in my feed.

I looked at the logo again. I... could not unsee what I saw.

The first thing I asked Mark this morning when I came into work was if he'd seen the new Resident Evil logo. He burst into laughter, mentioning a giraffe before pausing and not finishing his sentence.

"So what is it meant to be, though? It looks like a horse shoe with an extended thing," I said.

"It's the number six, Tracey. You know, Resident Evil 6?"

"Hmm. Definitely looks more like a giraffe and a woman."

We're not the only ones seeing crude images in logos, are we?


    giraffes have 4 legs...

      He's got four legs. His front hooves front hooves are resting on the amorous lady's shoulders

        Front hooves.

    Thanks Tracey. Now I can't unsee it either.

    I saw a giraffe too, I kept my trap shut in case someone thought I was mentally ill. :P

    I saw it BEFORE i read the suggestion.

    I read a tweet which contained an edited version of the logo that made it even more obvious. I am ashamed to say I laughed out loud, so much that my wife who isn't interested in games asked what I was laughing about. I don't think she found it quite as funny as I did.

    Oh well, at my desk now on a Monday morning, can go back to pretending I'm all grown up again.

    What a crappy "6".

    I see the death of survival horror.

      Because of the giraffe?

      Or (to be fair to you) because of the trend shown by Dead Space 2 and Resident Evil 5? If it helps, this trend started in 2005 with Resident Evil 4.

      I'd love to see a blockbuster modern survival horror as well, but I'll settle for a brilliant action game. Hopefully they include some good old fashioned ammo scrounging in RE6 with the Leon chapters. Or at least with some add-on chapters. The DLC mission for RE5 at the Spencer mansion was pretty great.

        I dunno how indicative of the final game it is, but the Revelations demo seemed a little light on the ammo. Though I guess that was in part because I kept missing the headshots >.>

    clearly im not as perverted as the rest of you, but its a pretty crappy logo.

    And here I went straight to trying to determine the content of the game. Now I can't unsee.
    Anyway, I noticed the spiderwebs hanging in the background so to me it looks like bits of metal or stone wrapped in spiderweb.
    Damned if I know it means, but 4 and 5 both conveyed the mood/setting of the game.

    Wait till you see the London 2012 logo.

    And that thing's going to be on television for weeks.


      Just did a google search, omg that is awesome.



    But giraffes don't have reproductive organs under their necks. Or... O.o

    giraffe and a manatee. doing things.......

    That's one lucky two-legged giraffe.

    It's a turnip...in the shape of a thingy!

      Which I find especially ironic seeing as my thingy is shaped like a turnip!

      +1 for Blackadder

        I was getting worried that nobody would get the reference for a while there :)

    now that you mentioned it................BAHAHAHAHA

    I just see a seahorse when I look at it.

    Wha? It's obiously a a skeleton hand with some cob webs on it. The top bit is the index finger, left bit is the thumb, on the right is a mash of fingers.

    I don't even think it's supposed to be a mystery. I guess considering the confusion it's a bit of a failure.

    What has been seen....

    Half of a giraffe with elephantitis in its front legs.

    Keep it classy Tracey.

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