What Can You See In The Resident Evil 6 Logo?

Over the weekend forums and Twitter were alive with the giggles when the Resident Evil 6 logo was revealed. When I first saw it, I thought it was a horse shoe with an extended... thing. The rest of The Internet had other ideas.

"Does anyone think the new Resident Evil logo look like a woman fellating a giraffe?" read a tweet in my feed.

I looked at the logo again. I... could not unsee what I saw.

The first thing I asked Mark this morning when I came into work was if he'd seen the new Resident Evil logo. He burst into laughter, mentioning a giraffe before pausing and not finishing his sentence.

"So what is it meant to be, though? It looks like a horse shoe with an extended thing," I said.

"It's the number six, Tracey. You know, Resident Evil 6?"

"Hmm. Definitely looks more like a giraffe and a woman."

We're not the only ones seeing crude images in logos, are we?


    lol rule 34 alive and well

    I immediately saw a gymnast. One leg in the air, the other on the left. The rest is her body with her arms reaching to the ground.

    How is metal suspended by cobwebs? Clearly it's some sort of crusty goo. Or a woman fellating a giraffe.

    i just keep seeing the oblivion logo for some reason >_<

    This is what happens when you piss off your graphic designer.

    This is the worst logo ever

    I thought it just looked like some nasty scabs caught in a cobweb... I can see the Giraffe but only when I'm really reaching :-P

    It looks like a zombie hand with the index finger extended to make the 6

    When I first saw the logo I thought it was some porn version of RE.

    Real high-brow journalism right here.

    I saw a guy walking away with a shadow cast in front of him with a large bird pecking at his head, the giraff... thing, a smiley with glasses (deal with it), and several other things.

    Must look derper.

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