What Does Over A Decade Of Cosplay Look Like?

For all intents and purposes, HezaChan has been cosplaying since the dawn of the internet. Granted, loads of people were online before 2001 (many of you included), but take a look back at her cosplay photos from 2001. It looks like a million years ago.

HezaChan's first cosplay was Saber Marionette J at the 2001 SugoiCon. Since then, she's become one of the internet's most recognisable cosplayers.

In December 2009, Kotaku interviewed HezaChan for this feature on Western cosplayers.

What makes her cosplays so darn cool is that Hezachan makes her own costumes and often does her own wig styling. She even makes costumes for others.

On HezaChan's official site, she lists her cosplays over the years, cataloging the photos and linking her photographers, such as MonkeySensei and LJinto.

It's fascinating to see how her cosplays have evolved over the years, as well as digital photography. Here's to another 10 years, HezaChan.

More photos (and photographer links) below.

HezaChan [Official Site]


    Is it me or is half of those pictures of bad qaulity, like pixelated.

    This is kind of funny, iirc there was a comment on the ME cosplay about it not being posted by bashcraft... moments later this pops up. Meh good for eye candy but still dont see the point of this.

      Then why did you click on the article?

        It's good for eye candy :)

    They look like feral raver chicks... yuk

    Yes, there always seems to be these shite quality pics. Also I've seen enough of these that people don't bother commenting anymore because everyone knows it's just a quick cosplay perv with no actually substance. =D Also I now know who the sniper girl is. Yoko.

    What Does Over A Decade Of Cosplay Look Like?

    I'll take boobs for $200, Alex.

    Holy cleavage, batman!
    I wonder how many awkward little boys starting pitching pant tents when she showed up haha. Seriously, though, she's quite hot..

    Kotaku you do know guys cos play too right. Also you know pixelated pictures suck.

    How is this is a decade in cosplay?

    I can see how this is one persons decade in cosplay, perhaps even one person cut down list of the shots they thought they looked best in for that decade, because all i see is the same girl.

    I was actually expecting some of the best from around the world over the last ten years...

    I am disappoint.

    - Aron

      Majority of them are the same girl, but not all.

    I see she once cos-played as the Kotaku logo. A pretty good effort but not quite convincing enough.

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