What It Looks Like When 999 People Play A Video Game At Once

If you remember 2011, there was an ambitious idea to build a first-person shooter in which 1000 people could play against each other.

Well, over the weekend that game - Man vs Machine - gave the 1000-player mark a damn good shake.

Sadly, it "only" managed 999 players at once, but really, I'm sure a single extra person wouldn't have drastically changed the chaos you see in the video up top.

While it looks like madness, this is exactly what I want to see more of in online games. The more chaotic and ungainly, the better. Seeing something like this working as a First World War game, or involving some kind of medieval battle, would be insane.

And hopefully seeing such a thing might not be too far off! The creators of the technology underpinning the one-off experiment, PikkoServer, say " Our goal now is to make this technology available to developers worldwide", so fingers crossed that becomes a reality.


    For all it's faults, MAG did 256 online at once and was a blast when you got a few big clans going head to head ... I can only hope this develops further as it sure makes 12v12 look boring as hell ...

      Agreed - I loved the hell out of vanilla MAG and played it incessantly for many months in its early months. As contrived as its 128v128 matches were, it was a wonderful event to be a part of, whether being steamrolled or driving the steamroller.

        The DOM battles were a bunch of 32v32, but there was nothing stopping you from running over and helping another platoon/squad etc...and yes you could lose if the other platoon buggered it up so I hope these concepts see the light of day again in a another big arena...

    I'd like to see proximity-based chat, so only people within a couple of feet can hear each other, with a command structure going up to a commander for the dedicated clans.

      That was one thing MAG got right! squad chat, platoon chat, Officer In Charge etc...but the best was proxy chat...once you were close to another person, friend or foe, you could talk to them....make the gimped chat in BF3 look just so pathetic atm on PS3.

        yeah and the locality squad bonus was a really good way of getting people to work together.

        BF3 is sort of there with the "squad bonus" for rez and resupply etc, but could do more

    a 100v100, 200v200 or greater sword battle would be epic, seeing 100s of fellow players standing on one side, then a whole heap on the other, then charging in would be crazy awesome fun.

      You and Loops should look up the upcoming War of The Roses game.
      It's basically medieval Battlefield.

      Mount and Blade: Warband is sort of like that, but I think multiplayer is limited to 64v64...I'm not entirely sure..I've only touched its single player side but you can play 200 vs 200 with bots. (But I think even then it has some constraints...)

        Warband, MBBattleSizer, Floris Expanded, and I had 4000 verse 4000. Needless to say there were no frames per second and the engine crashed. It still happened though!

    mannn a medieval game like this would be the best thing EVER... EVER!!!

    honestly, it would just make my lifetime!!!


    I wish we could have games where medieval armies rush into battle against each other.

    http://youtu.be/sDq_Eawpx_I forgive the frame rate but "is this your card?"

    I love the medieval idea too!

    Also if you could make it a trench warfare style WWI game.. OVER the top boys... RAAARRRR...

    A medieval game like this would be incredible. Imagine Skyrim multiplayer with 1000 players fighting it out on a battle field. Add character unique battle cries and dialogue - whoa!

    While this game looks lame, the tech behind it has huge potential. Imagine a shogun 2 style battle but with all human controlled soldiers. I agree with Lone Wolf - proximity based voice chat would be awesome and would add to the atmosphere of such an epic battle. Lets hope some talented devs make use of this cool tech!

    I reckon Planetside came pretty close. At it's peak there were shit loads of people in the same fight. Bring on Planetside 2.

      One of my favourite gaming moments was an all in 3-sided attle for one base in the mdidle of a sandstorm on planetside. The biggest pity of that game is that the base design seemed to be based on 12v12 spacing.. then cramming 30 odd people on either side into them. Ended up in far too many corridor stalemates.

        Yeah im hearing ya there. Bottlenecking was a pain but there were plenty of good outside fights.

        Planetside i reckon is my second favorite game of all time.

    wow that was sick...

    i imagine that's what Ready PLayer One's final battle scene roughly look like

    Can't wait to do the normandy landings...

    starcraft/wow from first person as an action game anyone?

    Now turn on Friendly Fire :D

    Sweet Monkey Jesus in Slingbacks!!

    That is insane. I want. I WANT!!

    Too bad it wasn't a very fun game and the website was crashing a lot.
    I played a bit to say I was a part of it, then left.

    I got in at the start. :3

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