What's Coming For Star Wars: The Old Republic

With yesterday's patch 1.1 player-versus-player debacle stemming a flood of threatened account cancellations, BioWare has released a video showing off what the coming months have in store for Star Wars: The Old Republic, in case you choose to stick around.

In case you missed yesterday's story, patch 1.1 basically transformed the high-end PVP planet of Ilum into a slaughterhouse for whichever faction was in the minority on any given server (generally the Republic, because good is dumb). Outraged players called for a rollback (reverting the game to a state before the patch hit) and instead got a quick patch that didn't fix the game to their satisfaction.

Now the players that can find the cancel subscription button on their account page are threatening to cancel their accounts before their first month of free play time is up, the forums are awash with anger, and I'm sure more than a few BioWare developers are feeling very angry and/or sad right now. I feel for them. They're just trying to bring a fun game to the nice people.

Where I would have just taken my game and gone home, BioWare soldiers on, posting a video today outlining what kind of fun and frivolity are heading The Old Republic's way in the next few months. Things like guild banks, PVP rankings and user interface customisation. Other MMOs take these things for granted. Currently they are not granted in The Old Republic, so we can't take them for it. Not for a couple of months.

And there's the oft-mentioned Legacy system, which lets you make an entire Star Wars family complete with special powers. If I didn't already have a server full of alts that would be amazing!

Come on, folks. As a wise man once said, "Things can only get better. O-o-ooo-o-o- o - o - o".


    agreed thay will get their shit together.
    all the forum drama makes me sad.
    grow up people.

      It is no different from any other online game that has a forum.

      Red Orch 2, Battlefield 3, WoW, etc.

      There's a reason many people I game with and myself don't openly identify as 'gamers'. This is one of them.

        Yeah, the Red Orchestra 2 forums were a metagame in themselves. I spent a lot more time in there basically eating popcorn and laughing than I did playing the game.

      Yeah, MMO players sure do seem to be a dramatic bunch. It's one aspect of the game that is unbalanced. I really don't see the big deal, surely Bioware will fix it soon.

        You know, everyone gets the same amount of EXP gain if they go PvE, but if they go PvP at the moment the Imps being the majority is actually gaining things way faster. It's not so much Ilum they need to fix, but population balance in general. This is also what happened in WoW and they never fixed it which made PvP for Alliance real shit.

        They should try and keep server balance like Rift at least. Or make sure every instance of Ilum is 50:50 (or thereabouts). Unless you were in Ilum yesterday and the day before, I doubt you can comment about us whingeing.

    Bioware really seem to piss people off!

    I like his reasoning behind why his new story is epic:

    The first part comes now, the next comes in the future...that's how epic it is!

    Ima gonna eat this sandwich, the first half will be eaten now, the next half will be eaten in 5 minutes! That's how EPIC this sandwich is!

    yeah.. lots of anger in game yesterday that just before the free month is up that the Cancel Subscription button disappeared off the website.

    Who can say any other MMO game they play didnt have one isntance where somethign cause an imbalance and was fixed/patch/restored the following day or two

    Every MMO gets this crap. I played WoW for 3.5 years, and at some point, there was always people hardly done by - class X is OP, nerf this, buff that, it's not fair, wah wah wah. Truth is they'll never keep everyone happy, especially when there's an abundance of people blaming class/game balance for their own inadequacies.

      True that!

    Suffer you rebel scum! Long live the Empire!


    honestly though when has an mmo not had teething issues? Some "Gamers" need to step back into reality for a few moments, take anlong hard look at them selves and grow thr fuck up... Its not like they added jar jar to the game...

    Bioware should be very conscious of the fact that they designed the game similar (very similar) to World of Warcraft. People can go play World of Warcraft with all of the features etc that it has.

    Given how well the game sold, and the fact people have to pay-to-play, maybe they should speed up development in certain areas. Not having a go at them here, its just there are a lot of things (such as the ability to move an in-game window!) missing.

    I got the game a couple of days ago, and have now leveled 3 characters to level 10, i think i'll play my Marauder as I'm quite enjoying it. I'm basically playing it as a single game.

    While the flood of rage may be warranted (I don't know, I haven't had a chance to see the new patch yet.) it's worth keeping in mind that for every player that is happy to sit back and let Bioware get its legs, there are many, many more who will vocalize their disgust and sense of entitlement.

      I think you've got that around the wrong way.

      For every person complaining there are more who are calmly waiting it out.
      Hell, I'm nowhere near level 50 yet... so there's no cause for me to complain.

    A wise man once said "Fans are clingy complaining dipshits who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill, tremulous voices the happier you will be for it."

    Never has this been more true than the case of the SWTOR forums.

    Wow reading these comments and this article shows how ignorant people in general are.

    This was not a rushed job where the community was given the patch with no warning and they had no idea this stuff was going to happen. No it was on the test realm for weeks and the ENTIRE COMMUNITY TOLD them that this would happen, told them repeatedly faction imbalance wont allow for an who ever joins way of fighting the republic side would on quite literally 9/10 servers get face rolled into oblivion.

    To make matters worse what ensued was nothing short of a disgrace, it wasn't even a simple matter of dont like it leave scenario because in some instances people were camped so badly it was IMPOSSIBLE to leave because there was no safety net involved. Empire players were fully capable of camping the ONE AND ONLY re spawn point where upon rezzing you would be instantly killed.

    All this is ignoring the fact the patch left a wake of bugs especially FPS issues for the VAST MAJORITY of players and this is ignoring the 1000's and i mean that quite literally 1000's of other bugs currently ingame making end game content completely non enjoyable from loot not dropping EVERY instance has some form of bug or another, pvp is a broken mess especially with the many ability delay problems and off GCD spells not working.

    For anyone who takes their mmo's even semi seriously the game is am absolutely disgusting state and to say otherwise makes you an ignorant fool. The game belongs in beta for at least another 2 months.

    Which is a shame too since I have put 100's of hours into this game and everything past the story/levelling has been an absolute disgrace.

      Boware's problems are over! Clearly if they had someone with your wisdom on staff none of this ever would have happened.
      Foward your resume asap, we all anxiously await the repairations you could make to this broken game.

        Kingpotato, while a bit overly angry is actually spot on the money with this one.

        I'm loving SWTOR, but the way Bioware handled this patch (and to a lesser extent, the game itself) is atrocious!

        Take your sarcasm somewhere else mate.

      As a person who has spent hundreds of hours in the game as well...stop whining? My experience in SWTOR has been highly enjoyable although I usually play with friends - maybe you just need to learn the meaning of MODERATION.....

    Kotaku status: EA Money Whores. The most poorly disguised paid presentation I've had the misfortune reading on this once great site.

      Our editorial policy here is that individual posts cannot be sponsored, only categories, so I can assure you that no story here is ever paid for! As a bonus, editorial and advertising doesn't cross-over, either. Which is to say that I have no idea what ads will appear on the site and our editorial decisions are solely based on what we want to write about.

      But man, if we were EA's whores, I'd be rich! I would go and buy a gold telephone right away!

        I dont know how you Editors deal with the riff raff of the internet so calmly :P

    To little to late from Bioware. Will check the game out again in a year or 2, maybe by the time an expansion pack comes out. Might be worth playing then.

    Still enjoying the story lines in the game.
    Can't wait to see what the end game content which is inbound will entail.

    Not really a pvp player so I haven't been impacted by the world pvp disasters.

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