When Zelda Kisses Are Discreet And Shy

German cosplayer Eressea specialises in Link — she's one of many female cosplayers who does. In this photo, she, along with fellow cosplayer Yesta, play out a tender moment between Zelda and Link. It's magical.

It's not the pointy ears that sell the pic, or even the costume. In the top pic, it's the look on Yesta's face, and the space between their lips.

Shy Kisses [DeviantArt via Teatry in the Sky]


    The only people who can actually make themselves look like Link are girls.

    This is slightly amusing.

      I think Justin Bieber has a pretty good shot :-P

        In that case, Zythrone's point still holds true :D

    Zelda could be a lesbian elf love story, I would be ok with that, Sounds hawt.

    theres a website out there called 'lesbians that look like justin beiber' - check it out! (true story!)

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