Which Japanese Game Companies Will Die In The Next Decade?

Nothing lasts forever. Not you, not me, and certainly not game companies. Just ask Midway, Pandemic, and Acclaim. They're gone.

In the latest issue of Japanese weekly Shukan Gendai, the publication goes through and attempts to suss out which Japanese companies will still exist 10 years from now.

Shukan Gendai awarded points to companies on what seems to be a scale of one-to-ten, with 10 apparently being the highest and meaning that the company would survive.

Since I haven't seen the full article, I do not know what criteria Gendai used. Moreover, Shukan Gendai is not a respected business journal like the Nikkei. It's a tabloid.

Here are the results:

• Gree: 6 points

• Capcom: 1 point

• Koei Tecmo: 0 points

• Konami: 1 point

• Square Enix: 0 points

• Sega: 0 points

• Sony Computer Entertainment: 2 points

• Nintendo: 7 points

• Namco Bandai: 2 points

Gendai noted recent trends like the shift from retail, packaged games to low cost digital titles as impacting the country's game industry. While Gendai stated that Nintendo's longevity is due to its cross-generational appeal, I do think both Sony Computer Entertainment and Namco Bandai scored surprisingly low.

Sony Computer Entertainment is an international company with titles that do well abroad, while Namco Bandai is fortunate to hold the rights to perennial franchises like Gundam, Ultra-man, and Kamen Rider.

The others? Well, we'll know in a decade.

10年後も絶対に生き残ってる企業(週刊現代) [HighGamers]

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    I really wish it was crapcom....

      Wont be capcom, no matter how badly they go in the next decade, they can always release a marvel vs capcom game and all you squeebs will lap it up.

    who is gree?

      According to google it's a Japanese social networking service.

    Why does everyone think Nintendo is doomed? Nintendo is dominating the Casual market and the Hand held. Not to mention they've been around the longest. ._.
    I just don't see how it's possible when they've been going strong for years

      It's fashionable to hate on Nintendo at the moment.

    You know this is them saying that Nintendo will survive, right?
    They got 7/10. That's a good thing.

    Gree: Perhaps, the social gaming scene changes very quickly and Gree could easily fail to keep up. 10 years is a long time, we were all using MSN messenger and Internet Explorer 6 in a pre-social networking world 10 years ago.

    Capcom: To many valuable franchises to their name to die anytime soon. Resident evil, Marvel vs Capcom, etc.

    Tecmo: Quite possibly. All they really have is DOA (which hasn't seen a release in a long time) and Ninja Gaiden. Although they could survive just by releasing more DOA Xtreme smutty games to teenagers.

    Konami: If Japan loses its obsession with DDR anytime soon, they could struggle. But they have Metal Gear and Pro Evolution Soccer, which are both pretty massive.

    Square Enix: They can pay their bills just by re releasing old Final Fantasy titles on various mobile and handheld platforms, so they'll be fine. Their MMO teams may face layoffs though, unless they manage to put out a decent FF MMO.

    Sega: Sonic has seen a recent resurgence, so I think they'll be okay. Those who think Sega are making a dreamcast 2 however, are delusional.

    Sony: No way. The PS3 hasn't had the same amount of success as the PS2, but they have an army of exclusive franchises that isn't going to be forgotten about anytime soon.

    Nintendo: Really depends on the success of the 3DS and Wii U. Honestly, i think they will have some dark days ahead, as the DS and Wii were both smash hits that are realistically not going to be matched by their successors. The company definitely won't die, but they will struggle a bit throughout generation 8.

    Namco Bandai: Riiiiiiiiiidge Racer will probably be a launch title for PS4, Xbox 720, Wii U and Vita, so their pockets will be stuffed for a while. Plus they'll always have pacman.

    All in all, its probably going to be Gree.

      DOA saw a release just last year on 3DS :P

      Capcom has lots of franchises... but they also seem to have so much contempt for their customers, I wouldn't be surprised to see it bring about their undoing.

      I thought S-E were supposed to be somewhat struggling recently too.

    I think they're dead on with Squenix

    Sony are surprisingly unkillable for company that almost always reports a loss on everything they make. Makes you wonder what deal with Devil they struck :P

    Without even looking at your list - Tecmo Koei are goners - any company that dares to waste money on crap like Quantum Theory is going to fail in the new AAA or Bust paradigm.

    Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Square and Capcom will all persevere.

    People think Square is in trouble and doubtless its homegrown games might be lacking but their Eidos lineup is exciting.

    Sega has a lot of franchises to fall back on as does Capcom.

    I think Konami will have issues, Namco would have had it not merged with Bandai both those companies are light on killer franchises.

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