While You Were Sleeping

While you slept and played games over the weekend (I was introduced to FreQuency, that fantastic rhythm game from Harmonix!), video games happened. If you missed the happening of the video games, here is a quick round-up of the news that took place while you were sleeping.

First up, a big thank you to Tristan Damen (a regular Kotaku reviewer) for sending in this photo for While You Were Sleeping. He recently acquired a puppy, so here is a picture of both his lovely canines, Bosca and Loki.

Over the weekend it was revealed that work conditions at the game development studio, Codemasters, left much to be desired. Claims such as developers not being paid for the hours they worked, being tasked to do things beyond their job descriptions and not compensating for overtime were all made. Codemasters had a chance to respond to the allegations.

To the disappointment to many gamers, Mass Effect 3 will require Origin — there will be no Steam launch. Time for a switch to console, maybe?

A study has found that video games keep out the nightmares. Does this mean that if I start playing Call of Duty, I will stop having nightmares where I am playing Call of Duty? In other news, a petition to have Dark Souls brought to PC has caught Namco Bandai's attention, and Notch says that Minecraft has 20 million registered users. Man.

In short Bodycount developer details unlawful working conditions, Codemaster responds Mass Effect 3 requires Origin, no Steam launch Study: video games keep out the nightmares Dark Souls PC petition has Namco Bandai's ears Notch says Minecraft now has 20 million registered users


    We can submit puppy pics?
    Oh, I can't be bothered writing an email. Here's the pic:

      Aw, I wish i could see the front of your dog though

    I played ME1 and ME2 on 360 and enjoyed it just fine!

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