While You Were Sleeping

Christmas and New Year is over, some of you are back at work, like me, and if your boss isn't around, you may be looking for efficient ways to skive and check up on game news. That's where 'While You Were Sleeping' comes in — a quick and dirty way to get your update on the news coming in overnight in the most alt-tab friendly way possible!

Happy new year folks! Hope you all had a good one. 2011 was a pretty good year for gaming all up, I would surmise, and it seems like the guys in the US concur. They've taken the time to review the year as a whole here. They've also chosen their game of the year (finally)!

For us in the western world, one of the first major releases of 2012 is the PlayStation Vita. Plenty of the US writers have one already, including Brian Crescente, who asks the question: is the PS Vita a device ahead of it’s time or behind it?

Good question.

Remember those Modern Warfare 3 ads starring Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington? Apparently this soldier thinks they were terrible, and these are the comics from the weekend in case you missed them.

In Short The 2011 Video Game Year In Review Portal 2 Takes Kotaku's 2011 Game Of The Year Award For Science, You Monster! Is The PS Vita A Device Ahead Of Its Time Or Behind It? Call Of Duty Ads Hideous Marketing Says Soldier Comics From The Weekend


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