While You Were Sleeping

Christmas and New Year is over, some of you are back at work, like me, and if your boss isn't around, you may be looking for efficient ways to skive and check up on game news. That's where 'While You Were Sleeping' comes in — a quick and dirty way to get your update on the news coming in overnight in the most alt-tab friendly way possible!

The whole Stop Online Piracy Act continues to make waves. Yesterday we saw that Anonymous is apparently targeting Sony for its support of the controversial bill, but now the folks behind E3 have come out and stated they too are in support of SOPA. The world — it truly has gone topsy turvy.

I like this method of evaluating MMOs — writing logs as opposed to static reviews which ultimately do nothing to represent a type of game that is constantly in flux. This is part three in Kotaku's look at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well worth a gander.

Looks like there have been some changes at Kotaku US, we have yet another Skyrim mod, and these Half-Life 2 movie posters make me wish someone would make a Half-Life movie. Maybe.

In Short The People Behind E3 Support SOPA But Are Mindful Of Concerns Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Log Part Three — Force Feeding Myself Evil Hello, I'm Kotaku's New Editor In-Chief Half-Life 2 Movie Posters Make You Wish For A Half-Life 2 Movie This Brutally Cute Skyrim Mod Shouldn't Have A Sword


    Any news on Trine 2?
    and does anyone know why it never made it to the australian XBLA servers on the 21st December?

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