While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, stuff happened. Video games stuff. We could leave you here to trawl through pages of news that happened over night, or we could round up the highlights and place them right here, on this page! (Wow, I don't believe!) So here's what went down while you were sleeping.

Whether or not you care about X-COM, the announcement of the game's re-imagination by 2K caused a stir last year when it was revealed that the much-loved turn-based strategy was being re-made as a first-person shooter. Those who shook their fists at the announcement can now give their wrists a rest, because 2K have announced overnight that Sid Meier's Firaxis studio is working on X-COM: Enemy Unknown — a turn-based strategy game.

So which game should you buy? According to 2K: both! Apparently both games are very different and draw from the classic X-COM universe. I am sure some people will buy both games. I am also sure some people will buy zero of the games.

In 2011, Jeff Ryan spent every day writing about Super Mario. This is his plumbing journey. Also, check out how the events of 9/11 changed Grand Theft Auto III, and for those venturing up to the northern hemisphere, there have been additional dates added to the Zelda concert tour.

In short X-COM returns to turn-based strategy with Enemy Unknown 2K wants to have their X-COM and eat it too How I managed to write about Super Mario every day last year 9/11 changed Grand Theft Auto III, but only a bit Nintendo adds more tunes tour dates to Legend of Zelda concert series


    I will smile wryly if no one buys the turn based xcom.

    Also, the new Jagged Alliance game.

    I'm glad they're being made, but I do believe they'll get a strong dose of reality when no one buys them...

      One of the first comments on the Game Informer announcement was negetive. Seems X-Com fans don't know what they want. This sounds like extremely good news to me, though.

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