While You Were Sleeping

I don't know about you, but I didn't do much sleeping — stupid heat. Anyway, just in case you were in bed trying to get some shut eye, as opposed to having your eyes glued to the monitor in search of sweet, sweet video game news, here is your rough guide to what went down in the world of video game news while you were 'sleeping'.

I wasn't too kind on the iCade — it was just as personal thing. I don't really believe it appeals to people from my generation, who didn't really grow up in the arcade days of yore. This product, however, which adds a SNES/Megadrive style d-pad and buttons to you iPhone, however, appeals to my own personal nostalgia in a far more effective way. I'm totally willing to be a hypocrite and say that this is something I'd be interested in.

Glasses free 3D — it works for the 3DS, but I still find myself turning it off sometimes, which leads me to the question: do I really care about 3D, glasses free or not? It's hard to tell. Toshiba has just promised a new glasses free 3D TV as CES this year.

Gamers, Hoo boy! We're a crazy bunch am I right? This is some of the stuff we say. Prototype 2's developers figured out that Alex Mercer is actually a big jerk-face and this is an interesting bug found in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In Short iCade Houses Your iPhone In The D-Pad Dock Of Your Dreams New Toshiba TV Promises Glasses Free 3D Prototype 2's Developers Figured Out That Alex Mercer Was A Jerk This Old Republic Bug Makes The Universe Bigger, Perhaps Too Big Stuff Gamers Say




    Glasses free 3D TV meh, wake me up when they have a 3D holographic projection TV then I might buy one.

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