While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, adorable puppies were also sleeping. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. So while we try to solve this human + puppy sleeping conspiracy that has suddenly emerged, you should occupy yourselves with the news that came through while you were sleeping.

As someone who generally digs Guinness World Records, there's something a bit irksome about really, really specific ones, like "Most Time Spent Chewing Bubble Gum While Performing Swan Lake In Velcro-Strapped Adidas Kids' Trainers". So here are 10 similarly bs entries from the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition. Some of them are... kind of really specific and not worth mentioning. But hey, pages gotta be filled, right?

OK, this video is hilarious. It's a wonderful reminder that even the most highly regarded RPGs are kind of stupid, especially the NPCs. Good lord, dem NPCs.

If you've exhausted Modern Warfare 3, good news has arrived! There will be more than 20 "drops" of new content for the game which will come as a nine-month season of expansions. That's a lot of content! That's a lot of content for people to not care about! (We are sure that many people will enjoy it.)

For your daily dose of eye-candy, here is some gorgeous, sexy, and sadistic Nintendo art by Japanese illustrator, NekoshowguN. All the characters are given so much personality and depth! Princess Peach's abs are kind of intimidating, though.

Finally, here is a tasteful cosplay gallery of the ladies of Mass Effect. They're some pretty awesome costumes right there!

In short The 10 most bogus entries in the Guiness World Records 2012 gamers edition This modern day live action Skyrim short proves some things never change Modern Warfare 3's 9 month season of new content is ambitious The sexy, sadistic Nintendo art of NekoshowguN The ladies of Mass Effect cosplayed out of this galaxy


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