While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, many things happened! Politics! Environmental disasters! celebrity scandal! Oh, and of course, video games. Here is a round-up of the news of the night.

Today's picture comes courtesy of Kotaku reader Shane. While the image shoes neither a canine or a human (or an anything) sleeping, we shall let this pass because that dog has an excellent back profile. As for the child... we're sure it'll grow into a thing on day!

The wait is almost over for those who want a new MMO that has nothing to do with The Force! En Masse Enetertaining has announced that it's MMORPG, Tera, will be released on May 1. The screenshots look pretty gorgeous and the studio claims that it's a game that favours "action over clicking". What about... clicking action?

We may not be getting a new Syndicate because of our unfortunate classification system, but you can pick up the original Bullfrog version later this week for only $US6 on GOG.com! No more tears, just like that!

Here are the top 10 list of games that sold in Japan last year. You may be surprised to see what made the list, although you probably will not be surprised at all! Mario Kart 7 3DS took the lead, Wii Sports Resort came in at number 10, and everything else in between is kind of predictable!

In sadder news (for those who care), Max Payne 3 has been delayed, and look at these pirate hunters!

In short Action-driven MMO Tera hits on May 1 Get your hands on the original Syndicate Japan's 10 biggest games of 2011 Max Payne 3 delayed These video game companies hunt pirates for cash


    Hey Shane, what are your dog and child looking at?

      I can't see their faces, but I reckon it's a thousand-yard stare. They've seen some things man...

    Aren't you worried they're conspiring against you, Shane? How do you sleep at night? :P

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