While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping a whole bunch of stuff sure did happen in Videogameland! Here's your morning round-up of the gaming news you missed out on while you were deep in peaceful slumber.

SOPA! I had no idea what it was when it was brought up a few weeks ago, but thanks to the reporting on US sites and the Wikipedia blackout, I have been brought up to speed. Among those raising awareness of the bill is NoLan Labs, who have made a game called Super SOPA Bros. It... looks pretty boring, which is the whole idea.

Stephen Totilo discovered overnight that Minesweeper is much better with zombies. How much better? You'll have to check out this video and consider making an iOS investment!

Bioshock Infinite will have a punishing 1999 mode, which means the choices the player makes will have permanent consequences. Decisions, skills chosen and death are all permanent. Suck on that!

In other news, Diablo III's core systems are still being tinkered with by Blizzard, and My Little Pony invades Skyrim.

In short Super SOPA Bros. shows a future without any super-censored tributes Minesweeper is much better with zombies Permanent consequences up Bioshock Infinite's difficulty like it's 1999 Blizzard still busily mucking about with Diablo III's core systems Skyrim faces the greatest threat it's ever seen


    That is the cutest looking thing ever....also interesting 1999 Mode for Bioshock. Cant wait to try it out

    Can someone tell me the breed mix of dog?

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