While You Were Sleeping

Curse you Australian Open. Man, I'm tired. Why couldn't Nadal just polish that fool off in three sets last night like he was supposed to! Sorry. What's that? This is a video games site? Oh, right. Yeah...

I had a friend over for dinner last weekend. He has kids. All they do is play Minecraft. Literally the only thing they do when they're not playing Minecraft is build stuff out of massive piles of LEGO. Now they will be able to combine the two — LEGO Minecraft is real and its official. Props to LEGO for being open minded enough to embrace this challenge to its brand — clever move in my opinion.

The games scene is cooler than Hollywood, we all knew that — right? Well it's great to have it confirmed at least!

The Darksiders II is looking a bit nifty with its new platforming and speedy combat, Ezio vs Ezio is a fight to the digital death, and Bioshock Infinite has never looked better!

In Short Death Brings Nimble Platforming And Speedy Combat To Darksiders II At Least The Games Scene Is Cooler Than Hollywood There Will Be Official Minecraft LEGO Sets Ezio Auditore vs Ezio Auditore — Who Would Win? BioShock Infinite Has Never Looked Better


    No one wants to see people sleeping. Bring back the critters. Possibly a monkey hugging a sleeping cat! :P

    That dude is sleeping. Hard.

    Haha i agree Mark! I'm absolutely rooted from all these late night tennis matches! Can't wait for Raffa vs rFed!

    Man, Henri Leconte is one funny commentator. I haven't seen much of him this year though!

      He played @ legends tournament - week b4 last??? Broadcast on fox

    I'm off to Le Open this Friday for the men's semi-finals! Woohoo.

    Lego minecraft... I can see it now, packs of 2x2 blocks, 10,000 per pack...

    my sons gonna shit (lego) bricks over this news.

    "There Will Be Official Minecraft LEGO Sets"


    Also, I hate that The Border Mail (Where I work) didn't wait to see who won before printing the paper. Means we had to print, trim and stack 130,000 copies of the Melbourne Sunday Life before 6am came and I could go home. Screw you, Fairfax.

    I thought minecraft was like Digital LEGO, in some respects.

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