While You Were Sleeping

While you were preparing for Australia Day festivities, baking lamingtons and going to sleep in sunscreen, the world of video games happened. To save you the trouble of travelling back in time to be awake when it happened, here's our round-up!

We all know there's a new Xbox coming, we just don't know what kind of console it will be or what features it will have. Overnight, sources revealed some of the finer details of the new Microsoft console. Whether or not these details are to be believed is up to you, really. There's always rumour and speculation about these things and until Microsoft make any official announcements I guess I should start spreading the rumour that their upcoming console will also come with a honey port.

Onto something kind of quirky but cool. A theme park in South Korea has found a way to incorporate Kinect to create large interactive worlds and games. Apparently the theme park has “the world’s biggest interactive 360 degree stereoscopic theatre”. I hope they also have a big vomit bucket.

OK, this one is just bizarre. Contestants in the Miss Finland pageant had to compete in a Lara Croft cosplay photoshoot.

Finally, here's an update on Final Fantasy XIII-2 for those who have not given up on it, and here is a disappointing port.

In short Sources: the next Xbox will play Blu-ray, may not play used games It's a giant Kinect-powered theme park Miss Finland must cosplay as Lara Croft There's a lot more to do in Final Fantasy XIII-3 than save the world Another classy video game port succumbs to assy touch-screen controls


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