While You Were Sleeping

While you snored through your Australia Day booze and food hangover, I was up working to make sure you had something to read when you finally roused from your drooltastic slumber. Here's what happened overnight.

The nosy bastards over at the New York Times are making us all feel guilty again for having iPhones and consoles made from the blood, sweat and tears (literally) of slaves in Foxconn. Amongst some of the revelations is that your iPhone would cost an extra $65 if it was made in the US. Also, working conditions at Namco Bandai reportedly drove a programmer to commit suicide. What a nasty world we live in.

Totilo's review of third-person shooter Resident Evil: Revelations is out this morning, and he describes it as one of the best games on 3DS right now with amazing graphics, although the storytelling leaves something to be desired.

In short: Steam Releases Mobile App For Android And iOS The Witcher 2 On Xbox 360 Is, Thankfully, Still Very Much The Witcher 2 The Wii U Will Be Out By Christmas In Australia Nintendo Money Printing Press Is Finished, Huge Losses Expected


    Joke's on you!
    I didn't drink!

    ....but i'm stuck at work now... boooo....

    Did you do anything neat yesterday?

      I went to eat Pho with a friend and then watched season 2 of Modern Family. All of it.

    you... you seem to have something black and furry between your legs there...
    just thought i'd let you know...



    it's staring at me

      Crotch puppy!

        IT'S - SO - FLUFFY


          I feel like I should not click on that link while I'm at work.

          *does it anyway*

          Hmm, SFW after all. Wow, over a million views??

            MORE FLUFFY!!

              Red satin sheets are never safe for work. You should know this.

      When he was a puppy, Bam Bam used to curl up between my legs while I lay on the floor reading or whatever. This is the only picture I have though of him doing it.

        first of all

        Bam Bam? LOVE IT, THAT IS TOO CUTE....daaaww
        *cough*, sorry don't quite know what happened there... i seem to go completely soft around dogs...

        and it's funny the habits they develop, mine used to steal my socks, only to use them as a pillow to sleep on... no kidding it would go into my room, get socks off the floor (i was a teenager at the time and a messy one at that) and go into the living room, put it down and lay it's head on them....

    Aww, I want to pat it....

    Wait, that sounds wrong on so many levels.... :(

    That's a cute puppy.... yeah.

    Nintendo should buy a pill press for when their cash machine is in for repairs!

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