While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping over the weekend (yes, the WHOLE weekend), some of us didn't sleep. We were at Game Jam, so we barely slept, and the world of video games didn't even bat an eyelid. Here are the highlights of the news of the weekend.

This weekend Mark, Kotaku contributor Katie Williams, and I attended Game Jam in Sydney and Melbourne. Instead of giving the events conventional coverage, we decided to write letters to each other detailing our experiences with sleep-deprived game developers running on nothing but ice-cream, energy drinks, and pizza. It may be The Best Thing we have ever written for Kotaku. It probably is not! (It's still pretty good, though!)

For a dose of hilarity, Tim Rogers wrote about why he doesn't want to smell video games. When you think about the possible scents certain games would emit, it makes you glad smell-o-vision does not exist.

You can't even own a fake domain any more! Micorsoft have seized a fake Halo 4 beta domain, filing a complaint to demand that Half4beta.net be transferred to its ownership.

Bastion isn't available on physical media — it can only be downloaded via XBLA — but for one soldier serving in Afghanistan (where the internet is waaay too slow for video game downloads to happen) Supergiant, the developer behind Bastion, have made an exception and created a physical copy of the game for him.

To round the weekend off, this is how Bioware writes a Mass Effect game.

In short Game Jam Letters Why I don't want to smell video games Microsoft to seize fake Halo 4 beta domain Supergiant puts Bastion on a disc for soldier How Bioware writes a Mass Effect game


    This should be 'while you were watching tennis to the crack of dawn'

    dog shaped frisbee, yay

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