While You Were Sleeping

I don't know about you, but I didn't do much sleeping — stupid heat. Anyway, just in case you were in bed trying to get some shut eye, as opposed to having your eyes glued to the monitor in search of sweet, sweet video game news, here is your rough guide to what went down in the world of video game news while you were 'sleeping'.

Not a lot in the way of actual news per se, but still, some really cool stuff came in overnight. Perhaps this Final Fantasy XIII-2 review is relevant to your interests. Particularly if you were burned by the first Final Fantasy XIII.

Apparently Nintendo has some new voice recognition software being tested in Japan. For what purpose? For a game? For menu navigation? For something else entirely? Seems to raise more questions than answers.

Monkey Island is one of my favourite games of all time — I'm sure many of you feel the same. If you don't, well, whatever man — you should still totally watch this paper Monkey Island port. Also, have a gander at one of Red Dead Redemption's towns remade in Minecraft, and apparently this is the smallest Game Boy ever made. Why won't these guys create what we really want — a slightly smaller Atari Lynx.

In Short Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Kotaku Review Here's Red Dead Redemption's Most Modern Town Re-Made In Minecraft Nintendo's New Voice Recognition Software Being Tested In Japan Is This The Smallest Game Boy Ever Made? Break Out The Safety Scissors For This Paper Monkey Island Port


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