Who Said Cheesy Full-Motion Video Computer Games Were Dead?

Remember back in the early 90s when the CD-Rom format made it possible for computer games like 1992's Night Trap or The 7th Guest to feature extensive badly-acted full-motion video? Gamecade Production certainly does. They've just released Survival 2: Get Lucky, a FMV-style dating game starring Josh Knechtly of the band Rootbound. Who?

It doesn't matter who Josh Knechtly or Rootbound is. What matters is Rootbound's Josh and their music stars with someone named Jenny Massmann in the FMV adventure to end all FMV adventures (hopefully). You've just arrived home from your afternoon date, and now you're trying to get your date into her apartment and possibly her bedroom.

Don't worry, it's not that sort of game. It's a T-rated romantic comedy, so don't expect disturbing hair guy and attractive woman to do the incredibly nasty on screen. Just expect some creative acting talent, some attempted laughs, and for $US9.99 to be missing from your wallet when all is said and done.

Ooo, optimzed for 1280 by 800 resolution. The future is here!

Survival 2: Get Lucky [Gamecade Production]


    Cringe worthy on acid!
    I do miss cheesy fmv in games, favs being Res Evil 1 & Twisted Metal (im so glad theyre bringing them back for TM ps3!)

    I still believe this is the future for gaming. Get Holloywood stars with proper directors.
    Im sure they could make better games than everything available atm.

      I actually tried this one out.. It's $4.99 right now and not $9.99 like the article says. It's not as bad as the article makes it sound. In fact it's one of the better ones that I've played in a while. It's not very long though. The unlockable goals are nice. Overall i'd have to say, not bad.. It's cheesy but that is part of the charm.

    I can't believe the X-Files game didn't get a mention!

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