Whoah, What Is This Deus Ex Movie? It Looks Incredible!

A video turned up on YouTube today saying it was behind-the-scenes footage of a Deus Ex "Live Action Short Film". And it looks way too slick/expensive to be a fan film.

The credits at the end list it as being the work of Enso Productions, a professional "Action Design Team". Which basically means people who design and then act out fight scenes in movies. While as a group they've done amateur/homage work before, the rigs and studios (not to mention presence of expensive-looking motion capture equipment) glimpsed in the above clip look a little out of the league of your average fan flick.

But then, it's 2012. Fan films are getting better by the day, and while my first hunch is that this is for some kind of web series or marketing short, my second hunch is that this could just be the slickest amateur video game movie we've ever seen.

We've contacted the relevant parties to find out just what the hell this is, and will update if we hear back.


    Oh damn.
    That looks awesome ಠ_ಠ

    Adam Jensen would've asked for this.

    Not a single candybar to be seen.

    Guess you haven't seen Freddie Wong's or Corridor Digital's behind the scenes lately - they have A LOT of people on set and have access to stunt teams etc, this could easily have been behind the scenes footage of a team operating at a similar calibre.

      Yeah this exactly.

      I'd say fan film/short.

      Those were my thoughts.

    Where did all the crazy kick flips martial arts stuff come from?

    they spelt Deus Ex wrong

      +1 Noticed that too. Perhaps it's to avoid being sued??

        Maybe they just feel that they're Due a little Sex...

        Yeah, OK. That was pretty bad.

    game-to-movie always fail.


      Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat 2, Street Fighter are absolute classics. They put tripe like "Indie Film w/big name star #312" to shame.

        I also left out other classics like House of the Dead, Bloodrayne, Super Mario Brothers, Alone in the Dark, Dead or Alive, Dungeon Siege, Doom, Tekken, Max Payne.

        All excellent films that are totally loyal to the source material, have perfectly crafted scripts and wonderful casting.

          Can i have what you were on when you were watching these films?

          Out of the list the remotely ok film was Dead or Alive. Street Fighter the Animated Movie was pretty cool tho.

          Super Mario Brothers was totally loyal to the source material?

            I believe there may be some satire going on here.

      I actually fucking love watching the live action Street Fighter with Kylie.

        There's no way this can be worse than the game. So, good luck to them.

    I would love it if this is the start of some marketing hype for new Deus Ex DLC. Sadly probably not the case.

    If Hollywood ever did attempt a Deus Ex: HR movie, they'd better have Robert Downey Jr. Playing Adam.

      or Woody Harrelson... Robert Downy Jr would only be good if he could limit those rare moments of ego to small bursts.

    Considering they're using RED cameras, this must have a pretty big budget.

    All of that amazing stunt work looks way too cheesy and over the top for a feature quality film though. So maybe a company with plenty of money but no taste. We'll soon find out I guess.

    Hopefully they make 3films, the shooter, the stealth and the hacker versions

      BRILLIANT IDEA. Studios- you know where to send the royalties...

    I hate to say it, but if these guys were 'originators and risk-takers' they'd have created their own IP rather than rip off someone else's.

    RED's aren't that expensive to rent these days. It almost looks like a student production.

    You know a lot of average joe's that are trained in martial arts, parkour, fight choreography, weapons handling and "gun fu" with knowledge of set and costume design that are also into film making?

      Meant as a reply to "meh"

      I do love it when people use random names instead of their regular ones. The cowardice is always amusing.

        anonymity is not cowardice you big brave man.

          I wasn't clear in what I meant. My fault. I meant that I think a lot of the remarks courtesy of people like "meh" are posted by regulars who have a gravatar and all but use random names to post stuff that's harsh or stupid or whatever.

    These Enso productions fellows


    have done a few short films.

    I'm thinking that if they want to do the Deus Ex: HR story line properly, they would need more then a short film. Maybe it's going to be a web series? Just my thoughts anyway

    Doesn't this look like the best god damn job in the world?

    Timothy Olyphant is the only one in my mind who could pull off Adam Jensen. He sure as hell has the voice and the toughness for it.

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