Who’s Promoting Google Chrome In Japan?

Who’s Promoting Google Chrome In Japan?

While North America got home-grown popstar got Justin Bieber for Google Chrome commercials, Japan got a homegrown star of its own for Google Chrome ads. Make that, a virtual homegrown star.

That’s right, Hatsune Miku appears in a Google Chrome spot. Other Japanese Google Chrome spots do feature the likes of Lady Gaga, who is as close as the world’s going to get to a living virtual idol.

Oddly, Toyota once used a westernised Hatsune Miku to shill cars in America. Considering how Hatsune Miku went virtual and then mainstream in Japan, Google Chrome ad makes perfect sense. That Toyota one was just wacko.

『初音ミク』が登場する『Google Chrome』CM [Kotaku Japan]


  • Gotta market google chrome hard, otherwise people might check out some benchmarks and realize it loads slower, wastes more ram and generally is worse at everything than firefox or opera, except managing javascript, which, isn’t that necessary to begin with.

    • It updates faster than either and is generally more supported than Opera (which I love, but had to switch from because my Uni’s student portal does not play well with it).

      Firefox cleaned up its act recently, but there was the longest time when it was a bloated mess and everyone jumped ship. Now that they’re ingrained in Chrome and have customised extensions, apps etc, it’s unlikely they’ll move back.

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