Who’s Winning Old Republic’s PvP War, Empire Or Republic?

Who’s Winning Old Republic’s PvP War, Empire Or Republic?

Seeing as Star Wars: Old Republic takes place within the confines of a massive galactic conflict, every Player vs Player encounter can be viewed as a small battle in one enormous war.

At this stage, then, who’s winning?

According to BioWare the Empire is, having taken out 53% of the Alderaan Civil War and Voidstar matches, leaving the Republic at 47%.

One thing, though: how compelled are players to try and effect a serious outcome in this, when thanks to Star Wars’ increasingly cumbersome canon we know the Republic survives anyway?

New Year’s PvP Update [BioWare]


    • according to canon there is more than enough time for a few shifts in galactic power. in episode 2 or 3 sidious says that “once again the sith shall rule the galaxy” implying that they had once ruled. bioware has a big blank slate, they can make anything happen.

      • the great galactic war that swtor is set during, ends with the empire winning and ruling the galaxy for a bit. then there’s some random wars followed by the sith wars that ends with the empire and sith being destroyed by the jedi. this is followed by some more random wars up until the prequel movies. this all takes place over 3600 years.

  • Who’s winning? Well its damned sure not me, I suck badly at pvp it seems. I managed a few kills but my performance is even worse than my pretty piss poor performance in multiplayer shooters

  • I don’t really care who is winning pvp but I love not dealing with barrens chat while questing when I’m on my republic char. Empire I have to turn off general chat because its so juvenile.

    • I agree Empire chat is just annoying but sadly some people are trying to turn Republic chat on Coruscant into that same pointless chatter as well but for the most part I guess it’s a lot better.

  • I’m not surprised, after all the MMOs I’ve played I noticed a trend in the ‘evil’ factions having a tendency of being overall better at PvP. They also seem to wank… er… I mean gank more. You would think that the opposite side would conversely be better at PvE; being able to cooperate and work together better, sadly that’s rarely the case.

    • Aren’t the horde the “evil” faction in WoW? From the most frantic PvP servers to the calmest PvE servers Alliance generally won in PvP (AV being the exception on most servers). It was also the Alliance known for being the most ruthless in terms of ganking. In fact the first known case of a guild getting together to completely encircle an enemy res area so they couldn’t escape was Alliance.

      • I think that is server dependent. The one I used to play on it was probably 50/50 in ganking from my experience and in BGs.

      • Uhh Chazz, where have you been the past 2 years? Just about every server/battlegroup is Horde dominated. Obviously with more people there are more chances of getting bads, but in this case there’s strength in numbers =/ Unless it’s a premade, Ally would lose most of the time.

        • Haven’t played WoW in about 2.5-3 years. You’ll also notice that I used past-tense in what I wrote to convey that I don’t currently play. Even still that makes 5 years of Alliance being the big winners in PvP.

    • You’re actually incorrect there. To “effect” something is different to “affecting” it. “Affect” is about influencing something whereas “effect” means the same as “to bring about”.

  • I think it all has to do with the collectors edition or should i say sith starter kit! it is subconsciously willing you over to the dark side by having all of the empire logos and sith paraphernalia in your face whilst pushing the republic stuff either on the back of everything or out of view, i noticed more and more in my unboxing that it becomes more and more one sided right down to the Marquette that the game is is hipped with its like a little homage to all things sith, and even the developers have said that the sith warrior is a favourite among the team… so i’m wondering if any of these factors have had anything to do with the swing in allegiances?

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