Words With Friends Ends With Marriage Between Friends

Words With Friends Ends With Marriage Between Friends

Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse didn’t meet at a party, or through friends, or via a dating service. They met as random opponents over social game Words With Friends.

What began with greetings and then basic conversations over the Scrabble-like game soon became emails and Skype conversations, before the two met, fell in love and eventually married.

“Most people think, when we tell the story, that we right away started a very intimate conversation,” Jasperse told RedEye. “It very gradually built up to finally meeting each other … At one point, I spoke to Megan more than anybody else around me.”

Words With Friends has been in the news a bit lately, mostly because Alec Baldwin tried to blame his ejection from a flight on it. Nice to see a story with a happier ending.

Words With Friends game leads to marriage [RedEye]


    • Please tell me you are the couple this article refers to otherwise romance is dead. The second it becomes acceptable to do that stuff digitally is the second it loses it’s feeling and soul.

      • My girlfriend and I initially met over Facebook.

        She was planning to move to Melbourne and didn’t know anyone and I was the only person she had added who was nice enough to send her a message saying hello.

        Romance isn’t dead, it’s just changed over the years just like how marriage usually doesn’t have a dowry or require permission from the girls parents.

        It’s 2012, not the 1920’s.

        Love is love, I think it’s sweet they asked them out, no matter the means.

  • Hey, it’s like that Catfish movie, except that when he met her she wasn’t a crazy fat lady. Oh, wait…

  • Gotta love playing Words with friends, I find myself glued to it, instead of going to sleep. But the best secret with this game must be the ANAGRAMMER, to give me a little hint here and there in times of trouble.google it my peeps!

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