Work Out Your Clown Phobia In The Gotham City Impostors Beta

We ran impressions of the private beta for Gotham City Impostors a while back and now everyone with an Xbox or PS3 can get their taste Monolith's upcoming multiplayer FPS. It's your chance to be an overweight Bat-worshipper or finally get to blow stuff up while wearing clown shoes. Go grab it on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, citizen.


    is this Avaliable in all Regions i cant find it on Aus marketplace?

    I can find it on the Aus Marketplace, at least through the web portal, but doesn't show a download link, only a 2 page overview :|

    It's only available in Beta if you signed up for it a while ago. I was lucky to get a Beta code and have been enjoying it most of this morning.

    I got mine off the US PSN and use it on my AU account. The lag isn't noticeable but the game is bare bones and gets boring before a single game is complete.

    instead of it being a shooter, i would have much preferred the premise to go something along the lines of Saints Row, it seems it would have suited that better, then trying to do a shooter with a batman name tagged to it

      That would actually be a lot more fun, I think. The whole Batman-FPS thing still confuses the heck out of me.

    I was in the beta back at the start of Jan but I couldn't connect to a game, have they fixed those problems?

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