World, Malaysia Has Some Amazing Cosplay For You

Wowsers. This is some good stuff. Good props. Good costumes. And good people.

Taken at the Comic Fiesta, Malaysia's largest anime event, the photos feature a solid range of character costumes.

Just as impressive as the costumes and props are the fantastic photos taken by Shane at Unlimited Otaku Works. His whole website is a rabbit hole of wonderful cosplay photography, just waiting for you to get lost in. More in the link below.

Comic Fiesta 2011 [Unlimited Otaku Works via DannyChoo]


    Am I rascist in asking why there's never any caucasians cosplaying?

      SImple answer: There is but they're just generally not as good at it.
      Long answer: cbf

      Not sure what rock you've been under:

      Read Kotaku much?

    The tf2 ones looked good, don't know the others although the orange haired girl and shotgun guy weren't bad either

      If you mean the orange haired lass in the yellow dress then that's Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you're interested in getting into anime then it's a good place to start.

    The guy dressed as a pyro must be sweating his arse off from all the heat over there.

      Maybe he has a little extractor fan running in his backpack to suck all the air out of his mask.

    Geez, claw guy looks like the genuine article. And I don't even know what he's cosplaying as.

    I like the Daken cosplay. Odd choice I suppose, but well done.

    The better question to ask is, why aren't there any Malays in this? Lol

    I am diggin that crazy scythe in that first image.

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