Would You Let Cockroaches Crawl On Your Face For A PlayStation Job?

Season three of Sony's The Tester sees competitors doing completely ridiculous things for a chance at a production associate at PlayStation's Santa Monica Studio. What sort of ridiculous things? See for yourself.

I've gone through a great deal of shit in the pursuit of gainful employment over the past several decades, but I can honestly say there is no job on earth that would make me place my head in a box full of cockroaches. Maybe writing for Kotaku, but I've already got that job so they missed their chance.

The Tester season three premieres on February 7 on the PlayStation Network.


    Hell yeah I would!

    I'm not even joking too...

    Being a QA tester is a shit job


      I would happily trade in my shit job for their shit job. And yes, i'd let them cover me with cockroaches for it. Hell, they could dress me in pretty pink tutu and call me susie for all i care. There are much, much worse jobs out there than playtester.

    Wtf does this have to do with being a tester?

      Maybe the producers of the show got the term 'bugs' mixed up

      I'd say it's a fairly apt analogy for how games testers are generally treated in studios.

    Not sure if anyone has been involved in software testing.. I am sure that there are some people that would do this but look at the job for what it is. It would be an entry level testing job. This is not going to be fun. The hype of the show would wear off soon enough and you would be left with a job that is like all the others. Boring and repetitive work for not that much money...

    Ive never watched the show and dont like my own playstation that much so this does not interest me... go for it if you want. But certainly not for me.

    How old is Fahey? "I’ve gone through a great deal of shit in the pursuit of gainful employment over the past several decades".

    I will let them suck my dick for a job at playstation.

    Damn you GFC! look at what you've made us become!

    Yeah there is nothing all that special about being a game tester. You play the same broken game over and over untill its not broken anymore at which point you stop playing it.

    And hell no, I wouldnt stick my head in a box of roaches for anything.

    Sure, why the hell not? It's not like I'm going to die no?.. o.o

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