XCOM FPS Pushed To 2013, Firaxis Strategy Reboot Still Set For 2012

XCOM FPS Pushed To 2013, Firaxis Strategy Reboot Still Set For 2012

As someone who was quite fond of what he saw of the re-imagined XCOM at E3 this past year, but who’s also excited about the Firaxis strategy reboot of the franchise, I am somewhat conflicted by this news.

We haven’t heard much about the XCOM FPS as of late, but have seen and heard plenty about XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In fact, many would say this news does not come as a big surprise.

However, I believe I speak for a lot of gamers when I say that releasing Firaxis’ (creators of 2K’s beloved Civilization series) “strategy” reboot of this classic “strategy” game first is a fine way to get the gaming world re-acquainted with the franchise.

What say you?

XCOM Delayed [IGN AU via Game Informer 226]


  • I hope the XCOM FPS is being actively worked on and not just shelved until 2013, don’t want it to get dated. It’s probably a good idea to create good will with XCOM fans with a traditional game, who then might be more open to a non-conventional incarnation later on.

    • You, my friend need to hold up on the alcohol.

      …Its the same thing that happens everytime a company decides to take a slightly different approach. Just stay open minded, and wait and see. Most decade long franchises have all had a bad sideliner. Then again theres been some good ones.

      I know there are some people who are saying “not another FPS”. There is obviously a reason for it – demand.

  • hope the FPS **doesn’t** get canned – and therefore not cause another Australian/Canberra studio to layoff it’s workforce ,,,

  • The FPS game does look good, I like the setting, but it does feel like it’s just using the XCOM name for the popularity of it. I am definitely looking forward to Enemy Unknown reimagining.

  • Couldn’t care less about the FPS, excited for the strategy game (especially since Firaxis is on the case… I know X-Com wasn’t a Sid Meier, but it still feels like the series is back “home” due to the Microprose connection).

    Ever since they announced the strategy game, I assumed this would happen. Using the strategy game to rekindle interest in the X-COM world and get some momentum up for the FPS is smarter than torpedoing the IP by launching the FPS first with no buzz into a crowded FPS market.

  • I’m hoping the FPS gets canned, it doesn’t deserve to have the X-COM name, doesn’t have anything to do with X-COM (it’s even set in the fuckin’ 50s for christ’s sake, the first one was contemporary, TFTD was meant to be futuristic).

    The FPS could have been called anything else and would do fine. It’s just them cashing in on an IP they owned so they could push an FPS.

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