Yakuza: Dead Souls Trailer Is A Feeding Frenzy

SEGA's new trailer for the zombie-ridden Yakuza: Dead Souls skips the foreplay of human connection and solidarity. The shambling hordes come first, picking their way through Tokyo's red light district with a hunger for human flesh… and bone marrow, and organs, and brains.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive is without its erstwhile developer Toshihiro Nagoshi, busy at work on robots rather than zombies (SEGA seems to have all bases covered, minus pirates and elves).

Gunplay is new to the series, and it's quite the entrance. Fans of splatter-house gore will enjoy gameplay footage of what seems like a very mobile third-person shooter. Only after the wanton violence on zombies big and small does the soundtrack kick back in, revealing a distinct but just as considerable threat for the player.

Yakuza: Dead Souls hits shelves sometime in March 2012.


    I got pretty damn excited when I saw "Dead Souls" but I see it has nothing to do with what I was expecting


    Friggin love Yakuza. Interest in this is piqued to about 100%.

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