Yes, We Know Diablo III Is Under Development For Consoles

Yes, We Know Diablo III Is Under Development For Consoles

Thanks, everyone, for pointing out that Diablo III has been confirmed to be in development for consoles via a Twtter post by Blizzard community manager Bashiok, even though we already knew that.

I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about here. Blizzard has been candid about the fact that they had a team working on porting Diablo III to consoles for months now. During BlizzCon 2012 it was mentioned multiple times, most notably by the game’s lead console designer, Josh Mosquiera. Having a lead console designer is generally a dead giveaway that something console-related is up.

It does bear mentioning that until Blizzard officially announces console versions for retail release, Mosquiera and team are still actively exploring the feasibility of Diablo III on consoles. That is their project.

Still, more confirmation that something could potentially happen is always nice. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!


  • How do you replicate the true Diablo experience on a console?

    Most of what I remember is just “clickclickclick”, consoles don’t do “clickclickclick”.

      • I played Torchlight first on the Xbox live Arcade. At first, I hated the PC control setup. It just felt… clunky. But now that I’ve sunk a good 13 hours into the PC version of Torchlight (yes, I liked it so much I bought it twice), I LOVE the PC interface and control method.

    • Diablo 1 existed on PSX… okay it wasn’t perfect* but allowed 2 10 year old boys to sink many sleepless nights into it, with their faces glued to a 14′ television…

      *it was clunky and ungainly

      • Don’t bring logic into it, before I had access to the beta I just closed my eyes, let my imagination wander and my mouse finger click spam like it owed me money.

        Methinks some people missed the joke about Diablo being a game about clickspamming.

        • well it’s so true though…. ever been to a LAN where you’re playing Diablo and/or Diablo 2? the clicking is DEAFENING

          • The best part is that in Diablo 2 (I never thought to try it in Diablo 1 but it might work there too) click and hold will do the trick 90% of the time.

            Need to move North? Click someone North of your character and hold the mouse button down.

            Need to spam a skill? Shift + click and keep that mouse button as close to the desk as you can!

            Yet it just doesn’t feel right…

          • i can confirm that holding the left mouse button while moving indeed works in Diablo, however i don’t think the attack does, or maybe it’s that he slashes really slowly if you hold it, opposed to mashing it… i can’t remember now 😛

            but i agree, that unless i feel as though my index finger has been in a workout session after playing it, it’s not proper diablo… except, if you play it on PSX, then it’s your thumb that hurts, and that’s just as good 😛

          • You should attack at max attack speed when you hold down the mouse button on an enemy (or shift + click with attack selected).

  • Why have such an aggressive tone to the title and bulk of the article then thank everyone at the end? if you’re thankful state from the start would be more polite…

  • Recently announced Diablo 4 (also in development for consoles and PC) will be a cover based shooter, with team death match and capture the flag.

  • I’m hoping that the PS3 version takes its lead from Portal 2 and allows co-op play with a PC. Then my wife and I can play it together, like we did way too much back in the day with Diablo II.

  • I think isometric action RPG’s do quite well on console.. look as Bastion.. It also doesn’t require the high 3D capabilities as other games.

    • Superior version too 🙂

      I kid, I kid. But its co-op was a sublime experience at the time.

      Also, as others have noted, who took the jam out of your donuts Fahey?

  • “working on porting Diablo III to consoles” So long as it’s not the other way around, I don’t care what people do with their 5yr old tech

  • Most of these comments reek of elitist pc-ism. It’s ok for how ever many thousand of pc users to sign petitions to get a console game (dark souls) ported to pc, but when the reverse is actually happening (and has worked in the past, diablo 1 on psx was good stuff) you all lash out like babbys. Master race my arse.

  • Most of the comments here reek of PC elitism. It’s perfectly sweet for how ever many thousand PC users to sign a petition to get a console game ported over (dark souls) but when the reverse happens (and has worked with the series before, diablo on psx was good stuff) you all puff your chests out. Come on now fellas.

    • erhm, most of us are saying “oh good”,
      i for one have quite enjoyed the original diablo on PSX and it’s nice to see consoles are getting some love from Blizzard

    • I don’t understand those who staunchly defend consoles, I mean seriously, Blizzard make their games so you don’t need cutting edge PC hardware to run (Starcraft II for instance runs on a very modest PC spec). So unless you are saying you don’t know what a COMPUTER is or have no access to a PC of any sort, I don’t get what the issue is.

      IF you want to use your 5yr old console to play games, be our guest, I for one won’t lose any sleep.

      But if you make games with UI’s that are maddeningly hard to use to cater for consoles instead of making use of the other 100 keyboard buttons and that recent invention called a Mouse, then that’s when we get mad! (Best example: Fallout III New Vegas, UNPLAYABLE on PC)

  • Screw the consololololols and give us a PC release date already thanks.

    I wish Blizzard never made WoW and Valve never made steam. We have to wait FOREVER for them to make new games because there’s no real incentive when you can make hundreds of millions doing nothing.

    • Biggest MMO ever made. 1 new expansion every 18 months. 3-4 patches per expansion. Plus development of other games (Diablo III, Starcraft II expansions) plaus expansions (including an Australian arm specifically to support our network). Yeah, you’re right. No work at all. Those slackers.

      Then there’s VALVE. What a bunch of arrogant pricks. Not only do they single-handedly change the structure of the PC gaming market and push it back into relevance, but they dare to defy us, the paying customer, by not working on Half-Life Ep3. Nevermind Portal 2. What a silly little game. No one even played that, right?

      Lazy slackers. All of them.

      • Biggest MMO ever? In number of people playing or content? The last two wow expansions have been lack luster (cata more so). The production values have not been even close to TBC. It’s been obvious that since the end of TBC blizzards A team have been working on Titan/D3. SC2 is SC1 with new graphics, big deal.

        Steam is well and good now but was a frustrating train wreck when it was shoved down everyone’s throat in 03/04. It sucked for at least a couple of years. Portal was a fun freebie, after playing portal 2 all I could think was “money grab” the game although fun and witty was not worth $50US. Don’t get me started on L4D2.

        New AAA games please, tired of side projects like DOTA 2 and expansions to make WoW even more generic (talents.. again) and bland (pandaz).

        Jesus Christ.

  • Do not want. The entire preface of having a console version is that complexity is limited, they make do with what they have. You can do tons with a keyboard, but only a minimal amount with a little joystick.

    Mark my words, it’s going to negatively affect the complexity and depth of the PC version by having this in development, a whole new question will be thrown into the development cycle that will completely ruin it: “Is this change/implementation okay for consoles?” If not, the idea’s or innovations are going to get shitcanned, I guarantee.


    Oh I’m sorry, could Halo have NOT been done better on PC?

    It is the end of times to mix this. It can not work. AT ALL.

  • Seeing as this was clearly ported TO console, I’m fine with it. Unless they delay PC launch.

    @Consolers qqing about PC elitism, let me kindly port to every shitty console -> PC port ever. And Epic “we still care about the PC” Games.

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