You Can Play Genesis Games On The PS Vita

Oh look. It's Sonic & Knuckles running on the PlayStation Vita, a handheld that's been out for less than a month. How is this possible? Don't get too alarmed; rather than cracking open the Vita itself, this homebrew Genesis emulator (originally built for the PSP) is running via the Vita's own PSP emulation.

So it's an emulator running inside another emulator.

As the video's uploader frwololo notes, "Sony put into place some security that will basically make this exploit moot as soon as it is made available," making clips like this "just useful for research right now."

Not that this will keep people from trying to break the Vita open for stuff like homebrew. It just means this is a step towards that, not the final breaking.

picodrive sega emulator on PS vita [YouTube, via Tiny Cartridge]


    So this guy had to post it on the net and alert sony and wreck it for the rest of us :\

      So are you saying you found this exploit too.

      Because in that case yeah he ruined it for you.

      Otherwise odds are that someone else would have posted it before you

    This means with a few patches, people can easily play pirated psp games. Nice security there Sony lol

      PIrated games? No no no! Homebrew mate! Homebrew! That the only reason people cry foul over locked firmware ;)

        PSP Homebrew is pretty fantastic. I haven't pirated a single PSP game, but I've used my PSP more than anyone else I know, largely for homebrew.

        I've used it for homebrew games, ScummVM, ebooks, videos, a GPS (really, before I bought a proper unit I blu-tacked my PSP to my dash), DOSBox and, briefly, as a universal remote (though that was mainly for the novelty of it).

        Also, of course, I used it to play PSP games.

        One of my most loved devices, and largely thanks to homebrew.

      Yeah, but that'd be like playing pirated PS2 games on your PS3 - why would you bother? It's not like the Vita is lacking in decent launch titles to play.

      Fool, it's just making use of the PSP exploits, these will go nowhere to being able to run VITA games or PSP games, just some PSP homebrew.

    If this was a signed eboot file though running through the PSP emulator that's not to different from running other signed apps like prometheus iso loader. No doubt wololo would have tested running everything else, so this is probably just a small glitch in Sonys security.

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