You Cannot Kill The PS2. It Will Not Die.

You Cannot Kill The PS2. It Will Not Die.

The PlayStation 2 was released back in Oct. 2000. That’s well over a decade ago, and the damn thing is still selling — and selling lots.

As Kotaku marveled back in Feb. 2011, the PS2 continues to shift consoles. And today, Kotaku will marvel at this some more.

According to an official Sony Computer Entertainment release, “The PlayStation 2 platform continues its sales momentum and remains robust sales especially in emerging counties and regions such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America, and exceeded half million units worldwide.”

That’s not only nuts, that means the PS2, a decade-old console sold as well as the brand new PS Vita.

No doubt the PS2’s affordable price tag and extensive game library makes the console very attractive to those folks just getting into gaming. There’s a reason Sony has sold over 150 million of these things.

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  • Bought one in 2003. It’s been carted around Australia, dropped, kicked, fallen off makeshift shelving and looks old as the hills but the damn thing still works.

    Add a seemingly endless catalogue of great games as well.

    Brilliant bit of kit.

  • Love my ps2, still got a working old phat one, recently did mod it to play imports from japan and ameirca for kingdom hearts final mix 1 and 2 and Re: Chain Of Memorys

  • Must be so good for Sony manufacturing such old tech – the whole mainboard would be made for under 5 bucks is my guess.

  • Every time I walk into anywhere that sells games, there’s still always a dedicated PS2 section. It’s crazy, but there’s so many classics there that are worth playing. I haven’t gotten mine out for a while, but it’s definitely not packed away at the bottom of the cupboard yet.

  • pick one of these up, the GTA trilogy and you are set for a long time, my gaming habits was satisfied for 4 years just off that, probably because I couldn’t afford anything else at the time.

  • EB Games are selling pre owned PS2’s for 64 bucks. I gave my old PS2 to my brother, but with that price it is tempting to buy one and pick up some older games I missed out on as the games are dirt cheap as well, the PS2 will be around for a lot longer as well.

  • Vita sold 500k over the last 2 or so weeks. PS2 sold 500k over the whole holiday period, which I think extends back from November or October?

    Great numbers nonetheless

  • Great system. Although I always prefered my original Xbox, that’s probably still my favourite console. I still get it out from time to time, but I can understand why it didn’t become as popular as the PS2, it was quite expensive.

  • A way of looking at the PS2 and how it’s still being made is if you compare it to the Wii.
    Both are 420p, both have similar graphic capabilities, and both are considerably cheaper than the PS3/360.
    I wonder if the PS2 will fall when the Wii does.
    Or if the Wii will fall at all any time soon.

    • Yeah the big ones supported the network adaptor with the hard drive which you could load your games onto making your PS2 have 0 load times.

      It was glorious until my PS2 broke and I had to buy the slim.

  • Picked up a PS2 at EB Games last weekend, an extra controller and 8mb memory card with 5 games for $100 … Bargin 🙂

    Just brought the PS2 GTA Trillogy off Ebay for $25 shipped …

    There are some great games on the PS2 and on an old 32″ CRT this system is great as a DVD & Game system in my garage.

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