You Cannot Unsee Yoshi. I Promise.

Right now, you may think you are looking at a new zero calorie lychee apple tea drink. You are. But you are also looking at Nintendo's character, Yoshi. Yes.

Don't believe me? Check the second pic in the above gallery.

The photo was originally uploaded to Japanese food blog Darksky::Weblog. 2ch forum users first noticed the resemblance to Yoshi and now you do, too.

あのリプトンが任天堂に擦り寄ってきた件 [いまさらゲーム速報]


    Another pearl by Ashcraft.

    i can kinda see it but only if i stare hard

    preferred your article on the masturbation champ

    This is the best thing Bashcraft has ever posted.


    Was actually struggling to see the apples, haha.

    I can't see Yoshi to begin with.


    I see it, but it's kind of a stretch, some people just read too much into some things

      Dunno about that, I would agree with ashcraft that it cannot be unseen

    Whats that, apparently if you look hard enough you can actually see an article worth reading by Ashcraft. I can't see it myself.


    Is itmeor does the glass just not fit in?

    Nope, can't see the resemblance

    ha, classic.

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