You Should Play These Game Jam Games!

You Should Play These Game Jam Games!

As you may have noticed, myself, Tracey and Katie spent a large part of the weekend at Game Jam in Melbourne and Sydney. We were all blown away by the projects we saw and, now that you can play them, we thought it might be worth putting together a quick selection for you to check out!


Omelette Boris
An incredibly polished puzzle platformer with some truly innovative mechanics.

A smart puzzler with some Chinese Checkers elements. I play tested this!

A favourite from Melbourne, a humdinger of an abstract idea! Good one for competitive folks!

I loved this — simple, clever mechanic featuring gorgeous hand-drawn art.


A two player game that encourages players to bash into one and another and steal points (and people) from one another!


A gorgeous looking ‘ambient’ game that allows you to prod and experiment.

Tanks A Lot
Battle your past selves. In tanks.

I’ll steal the team’s description: “IN SOVIET RUSSIA, GAME MAKES YOU”.

A spooky game about ghosts and stuff. DON’T BECOME A GHOST YOURSELF!

Thanks to everyone for your recommendations — if you have any more, please drop links in the comments below!

And you can check out all the games made at Game Jam here.


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