You Should Play These Game Jam Games!

As you may have noticed, myself, Tracey and Katie spent a large part of the weekend at Game Jam in Melbourne and Sydney. We were all blown away by the projects we saw and, now that you can play them, we thought it might be worth putting together a quick selection for you to check out!


Omelette Boris An incredibly polished puzzle platformer with some truly innovative mechanics.

Hatch A smart puzzler with some Chinese Checkers elements. I play tested this!

Streams A favourite from Melbourne, a humdinger of an abstract idea! Good one for competitive folks!

Whirlstrom I loved this — simple, clever mechanic featuring gorgeous hand-drawn art.


Ourobash A two player game that encourages players to bash into one and another and steal points (and people) from one another!


Growth A gorgeous looking 'ambient' game that allows you to prod and experiment.

Tanks A Lot Battle your past selves. In tanks.

Matryoshka I'll steal the team's description: "IN SOVIET RUSSIA, GAME MAKES YOU".

Unholy A spooky game about ghosts and stuff. DON'T BECOME A GHOST YOURSELF!

Thanks to everyone for your recommendations — if you have any more, please drop links in the comments below!

And you can check out all the games made at Game Jam here.


    So much amazing talent in just 48 hours. Game Jam was amazing to experience. Might even enter as a jammer next year!

    Also yes play Hatch! I helped with level design for that. : P

    This is good. Phil is awesome

    I heard this game is pretty cool ( OR WEBPLAYER Made at the Sydney Game Jam :)

    ...yes, it's my GameJam game....I just want people to play it :(

    Lets not forget the smash hit: Infinicat! :D

    The tutorial level is a bit bland, but kick starts at level 2

      That might be the most unforgivingly brutal level design I've seen since Super Meat Boy. Your art's nice though.

      I also agree. Play Infinicat :D

      Level 3 is quite unforgiving. Sorry about that lol.

    Got some dowloadin' to do tonight.
    Keen to see what people have come up with :D

    I was doing the audio for most of the games at the Perth jam, and would recommend the game Otherworld.

    It's not long or particularly innovative but the sound design is awesome. I might, however, be biased about that. But if you do, play it with headphones.

      I played Otherworld, Brock. I like the shadow puppet aesthetic, though I found the visuals a bit too dark overall. It was sometimes just hard to see what I was doing. But I did listen to your sound in headphones and it was very good. I did the sound and music for Unholy, from Sydney.

    Surprised mobius didst make this list

    I think Mad Cows needs some more love.
    You have to save cows from other cannibalistic cows by throwing the cows around. Cows!

      Yay, thank you for the mention!

    2315 games created world wide! Amazing. Was an incredible experience. Thanks to IGDA for organising the event. We will be back next year :)

    Ourobash blew me away at the Perth Game Jam! Go Jack!

    In terms of other (unlisted) games, IMHO I reckon my game is pretty good:

    I had around 5 hours or so to create it, so the presentation is fairly minimal. I'm keen to hear what people think of the gameplay.

    You can play it in-browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) at:

    I don't think my other comment is every going to get approved, so I'll just post the game jam link (
    It's my teams submission for the Sydney Game Jam. It has flying phoenixes...phoenixis....phoenixi?!
    Check it out if you are interested :D

    The game jam was awesome and I had the pleasure of working with some really cool guys. I did the art for Growth. I love doing game art and if there are and game dev companies our there who need and artist I would love to hear from you. Here is my website (since when did a little shameless self promotion ever hurt)

    The Matt Damon mode that graced Kotaku is an easter egg in Nomad's main menu.

    Unfortuantely, the major drawcard of 1024 multiplayer mode is busted in the build that's on the GGJ website (I wrote 3 lines of code more than I needed to, it works 100% fine after deleting them). But, hey, MATT DAMON!

    Omlette Boris is quite fantastic. Very deserving winner of the Melbourne Jam.

    Game my team made for our first GameJam this year. Was hard work but well worth the experience. Didn't win anything but game is still fun, needs some spit and polish as well.

    Can't wait for next GameJam

    Whilst picking a favourite for me is like being asked which daughter I prefer (so I can't answer in public) all the Melbourne games are here and my daughters' recommend NomOboros
    Aqua Battle and Omelette Boris.

    Mad Cows is disturbing and strangely addictive Ave Imperator is fun and makes the best squooshing sound....and many more!

    +1 for hatch, streams, omelette boros, mad cows, whirlstrom - phenomenal for 48 hours!!

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