Your First Good Look At The LEGO Lord Of The Rings Minifigs


    I Just got chills at the pure awesome that resonates from these minifigs :)

    Boromir is a ginger???????????

    Only a few years late, but still awesome :)

    Come on Traveller's Tales! Lego Lord of the Rings vidya game time!

    You could say the Hobbits are... mini-minfigs! *badum-tss*

    Gimli is kinda the wrong size but what evs. Looks good. Now we NEED a LOTR Lego game.

      Yeah was wondering when a lego LOTR was coming. With these now it seems a given.

    My body is ready.

    My ONLY problem is Boromir's hair! IT IS NOT ORANGE! In the book it is described as "dark" and in the movies it is LIGHT BROWN! I know LEGO has LIGHT BROWN colour for hair! Come on Lego, you did so well every where else just make it perfect!

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