Zelda's Travel Bureau Makes Beautiful Posters

Artist Dean Walton has put together these wonderful mock vintage travel posters, advertising the land of Hyrule (specifically, its Ocarina of Time incarnation) as a travel destination.

Available for purchase either individually or as prints, you can order them from the link below.

Hyrulean Travel - Full Series [GamerPrint]


    I think people are way to obsessed with OoT. Majora's Mask was a way better game

      You obviously haven't played Twilight Princess then!

        Have done. Played both games and the best of the two is definitely..
        A Link to the Past.

          And then Wind Waker comes along and washes them all away.

      The 3 day cycle ruins the atmosphere of a Zelda game. It feels forced and like you are always in a rush. MM wasn't a bad game by any means though.

        I'd feel like I was in a rush if the world was ending in 3 days :P

      Agreed. BUT OoT was definately more of a classic hit.

      I preffer the OoT game-play compared to the whole moon crashing in X days system :/

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