3 In-Game Screens From The Last Of Us

3 In-Game Screens From The Last Of Us

Game Informer Magazine has posted three screens from their upcoming cover feature looking at The Last of Us, the upcoming PS3-exclusive zombie-adventure game from Naughty Dog, the studio behind the Uncharted series.

Looks pretty good, though the real question is how the game plays — the Game Informer post describes combat as revolving around both melee and ranged, with weapons that degenerate over time. Thanks to daughter (or maybe, daughter-figure) Ellie’s advanced AI, the game apparently isn’t just one big long escort-mission. Also, it looks like it takes place in Pittsburgh.




    • I agree 100%, I’ve been looking at that screenshot and they haven’t moved ONE BIT. They’re freakin mannequins man.

  • HOLY CRAP IT’S NATHAN DRAKE! 😛 But seriously.. It looks gorgeous! I hope it’s a great game. Sony may have found a real keeper with Naughty Dogs current output, kudos to such a great studio 🙂

  • This looks beautiful.

    I just finished watching “The Road” which was a post apocalyptic father and son journey… what a depressing movie, This looks more “I am Legend” visually, but I hope they manage to pull some of those same types of emotional strings with this game.

      • At this point? Yes.

        Everything has zombies in it at the moment. And if it doesn’t have zombies in it, someone says “Oh, crap, better get on that” and releases DLC with zombies in it.

        It’s getting pretty boring and that isn’t negated by the fact that there are also generic terrorists/Russians/aliens in games as you pointed out.

        • Don’t like it? Don’t buy it, and don’t play it.

          As long as it has great writing, characterisation and story, I don’t give a rat’s bottom whether it’s zombies, aliens, russians or nazis I’m shooting at.

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