A Beautiful Collection Of Awesome Nintendo Logos

I like the games and the hardware, of course, but one of my favourite things about Japanese video games from the 1980s were the logos.

And the best ones came out of Nintendo.

I'm not talking about the company's primary logo, either. I'm talking about the series of logos drawn up for the Famicom line of products: the console itself, its disk system add-on (an adorable little mascot!) and, best of all, the iconic and wonderful "swoosh" that we, fittingly, used as the inspiration for our Kotaku East branding.

If you dabble in Photoshop work, need some classy wallpaper or just want to stare at the logos dovirced from the distractions of a poster or piece of box art, courtesy of Eion Stanley's Nintendo Logo Resource, here they are. They're not just from the 80s, either, they run right through to the Wii and DS.

Note the above illustrations are just for...illustration. The actual pics, linked below, are available as pdf files, so you can blow them right up.

If you like what you see, Eion's got a range of other pieces of Nintendo art as well, like vector illustrations of consoles and even a bullet-point history of the entire company (though it's obviously missing a few of the saucier details).

Nintendo Logo Resource [Eion Stanley]


    That little one fills me with rage and it took me a bit to remember why.

    One of the most difficult to obtain trophies in Super Smash Brothers Melee was that one, only unlockable by getting every post-game bonus.

    The more impossible ones were like "beat the single player on insane without continuing with only 3 lives", something I couldn't do, leaving this as one of like 2 trophies I never got.

    Alternatively, I might be thinking of something else.

      Nope, that was indeed Diskun, the little rotter.

    The evil guy inside me wants desperately to make a ton of stickers using the "Nintendo Seal of Quality" logo... and stick it in lots and lots of innappropriate places! muhahaha


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