A Loving Chainsaw-Decapitation, Just In Time For Valentine's Day

The latest trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw reminds us that just one bite from a zombie is all it takes to spell doom. Unless, of course, you have a loved one nearby to cheerfully chop off your head and keep it animated… somehow.

Thankfully, Nick's detached head isn't utterly useless. It seems it can be used as a projectile, or perched back atop his old zombified body to give his badass zombie-slaying girlfriend a leg-up over obstacles.


    this has somehow made the game look more promising.

      Gotta agree eh

      I was a bit doubtful about how funny this game would actually be.
      Looks like I need not worry, too much.

    So god-damn awesome!
    I want it in all its cheesy glory!

    This game actually looks so awesome. Can't wait.

    Yeah, I think this game looks kinda cute.

      As long as the combat can hold up to the cuteness.

      Do I sense some Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay in Tracey's future?

      *runs and hides*

        *runs and hides*??? Grabs popcorn!

    It's a good thing that all good zombie game trailers turn into exactly the game they suggest SCREW YOU DEAD ISLAND DAMMIT!

    her voice kinda annoys me, but I like the look of the game.

    Hahaha, oh wow. This game looks pretty alright.

    It's still a better love story then Twilight

    Am I the only one who though why didn't she just chop off his arm instead of his head?

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