A Dorky Hip-Hop Tribute To Mass Effect

However you define "Nerdcore", I'd say that once a guy is dropping rhymes about the ins and outs of Mass Effect, he probably qualifies. But let's not get caught up in labels — these tracks, which premiered over at Destructoid, are a goofy good time.

They feature Memphis hip-hopper Adam WarRock sampling everything from Jay-Z to Guns N' Roses while rapping about Normandy love-triangles, moral-choice systems, and the awesomeness of Mordin Solis. (He does not, unfortunately, rap about scanning for minerals in the game.

WarRock told Destructoid that he was taking a break from rapping about comic books and TV shows (he also has a 3-track EP dedicated to my favourite show on TV, Parks & Recreation), and decided to rap about video games.

The tracks from his YouTube EP are in the gallery above. The first one is:

"Paragon | Renegade"

Well OK, WarRock, you win a lot of points just for sampling some GnR. Downside: This tune starts a bit in the "paragon" camp, which I don't really identify since I'm Renegade Shepard or bust. But his chorus strikes a chord with me:

Paragon or Renegade there's got to be a better way

You know, Mr. WarRock, I too feel that the binary nature of Mass Effect's morality system is flawed.

DTOID Exclusive: Adam WarRock's Mass Effect EP [Destructoid]

(Top image still | Rockcod /Deviant Art)


This one, of course, lifted from Jay-Z's "99 Problems." Outstanding lyric:

You used to have problems 'till the Spectre came, Special Tactics and REconnaissance, respect the name!

"Active Squad"

Sampling from Handsome Boy modelling School, this track is very aggressive. Also fairly grating! But it does feature some quality sampling from Garrus — note, this newly badassed Mass Effect 2 Garrus, not whiny-butt Mass Effect Garrus. No rapper worth his salt would sample lame Mass Effect 1 Garrus, after all.

"Bizarre Love Triangles"

Oh man, this one is great. WarRock gets all romantical, trying to choose between the multiple love interests in the game. favourite lyrics:

Together we fight

that's whether enemies or feelings

trying to find the time because your touch has got me reeling


You can do your weird dance for me

I don't even care

because I want to see you strip

from armour to underwear


"Mordin's In The House"

A tribute to everyone's favourite Mass Effect 2 character (right?) Mordin Solis, this one takes the beat from Cypress Hill's "16 Men 'Till There's No Men Left." Old school! Gotta hand it to WarRock for getting all this mass effect jargon to (sort of) flow, and double-props for getting in some good old Gilbert and Sullivan.


    It's Mordin Solus! SOLUS! Not Solis!

    If "dorky" is Australian for "awesome," then the title is correct.

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