A Twenty-Minute Documentary About The Gender Of Final Fight's Poison

Reader Andrew points us towards this documentary. Which goes for 20 minutes. And which is entirely about the seemingly endless debate over the gender of Final Fight's Poison.

While it gets a little "high school paper" in parts, and is something we've pondered over once or twice ourselves, it's still a fairly interesting watch, if only for the fact it's got enough footage and discussion to go for twenty minutes.


    skip to about 10 mins for the answer

      The answer was in the first two minutes. Where they say she's transgender, is transgender in the instruction book,s has ALWAYS been transgender

    I don't get it, if he understands the importance of keeping the controversy why would he make this video? Seems counter-productive.

    Seems like people hate trans people enough that either everyone jokes about Poison or wishes she really weren't trans at all. Yay. Woot.

    I think this 20min video was just another excuse to show a clip from EVO Moment #37 :P

    Jokes aside, I think all this video proves is that people want definitive answers and can't stand the idea of leaving something ambiguous.

    I say keep the mystery.
    Going home with someone of indeterminate sex is like opening a box of chocolates - you don't know what you're getting. ;)

    All i could think while watching it was this


    (best quality available on youtube, but if you've seen the episode you get the idea)

    Since Poison is only a video game character, I always consider Poison as a female from the very beginning.

    And I'll stick with my point of view until the day I leave this world.

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