A Video Game Comedy Series That Actually Looks Funny? Surely Not.

You wouldn't believe the number of comedy series and shorts that get crammed in our collective inboxes on a weekly basis. You may believe, however, that the majority of them are pretty awful.

Which is why Gamestore is such a surprise. Because it actually looks pretty good.

If you've ever worked at a video game store, or known anyone who's worked in one, or just been around them long enough to see the arseholes that come in on an hourly basis, you'll sympathise. Maybe even get a chuckle.

Note that the above clip is a trailer for an episode guest starring Mark Meer, otherwise known as the voice behind Commander Shepard (though he's also a comedian, hence the appearance in a comedy show about video games!).

Gamestore's first episode should go live towards the end of April. Strangely, I'm actually looking forward to it.


    Doesn't really give a taste of anything, but the humour seems like the kind I like, and points for trying to be a show that stands on it's own legs, instead of "THIS IS POPULAR. HAHA LAUGH". Wether that works out is another story.

    Of course, It gets a favourable view after that GAME attempt.. anything gets a favourable view after that attempt.

    Pure Pwnage wasn't funny? I <3 that show so much... it seriously upsets me that it had to end. Not like last episode of Neon Genesis upset but still quite upset.

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