A Zelda Movie Could Never Look This Cool

Come on, be honest. Someone, somewhere along the line would find a way to screw everything up. So these make-believe movie posters are probably as good as we're ever going to get!

These posters are the second batch we've seen from artist Olly Moss in this style, after the Super Mario ones we showed you previously.

ゼルダの伝説 [Olly Moss]


    epic link is epic :D

    Not to shatter people's fantasies... but would any of the zelda stories make a good film?

    The whole story is "Get the items to finish this"... eg. Sucker punch.

      Yes, from a critics point of view it would probably be a horrible movie, however it could be objectively good and have some nice action scenes. Also there was a comic posted on kotaku (this one: http://i.imgur.com/x3MKJ.gif) that could be interesting as scenes in a movie. So while the narrative would be bad, it could still make a good film

      It wouldn't matter anyway, once Hollywood got hold of it they'd ruin whatever plotpoints they took from the games by adding other unnecessary changes.

      Ganon would be Link's father, Zelda would be a martial arts expert, Link would use a gun and be known for making wisecracks, Epona would be a car with artifical intelligence and the whole thing would be set in a future Hyrule based on modern day New York.

      Plus Navi would be played by Jack Black.

        I see no problem with any of that, it's not like the games are confined to one timeline or time.
        Jack Black as navi-brillianr, comedy gold. As long as Link says "well, exuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!" I'm cool with that too.

      You're confusing story with gameplay.

        I liked sucker punch T^T

        Anyway, I think it could make a good movie, yes. Link would need to speak, that's a given. And he needs a partner that isn't completely annoying, ie, one that hasn't been in a game yet. It shouldn't be Zelda, because it would seem too much like the Prince of Persia film, but maybe Tetra or Sheikh (ie, not helpless Princess Zelda, but kick-ass Zelda).

        Ganondorf as the villain is good. A cruel leader fated to take his tribe to glory but instead wanted the world, and eventually his power corrupts.

        Link and the mysterious Sheikh travel Hyrule to get the macguffins from the Goron, Kokiri and Zora tribes, before going to rescue the kidnapped sages, including Zelda, and then BAM!

    That is the best tagline ever.

      What does it say???

    I would personally like to see a new story rather than a recreation of one of the games. After all, the temple structure seems.. somewhat hostile to a film incarnation.

    Really, a movie would be a nice chance to do what they wanted to in Skyward Sword; flesh out the stories and characters.

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