Activision Blizzard Posts $1 Billion Profit In 2011

Activision Blizzard's profits sky-rocketed in 2011, with the holding company reporting record profits of $US1.08 billion on revenues of $US4.76 billion. We don't even have a concept of how much money that is.

The success of Modern Warfare 3, the top-selling game of 2011, propelled sales and secured the company more than $1 billion in profits, up from 2010 when profits were $US418 million on revenues of $US4.45 billion.

Activision Blizzard also revealed that Call of Duty: Elite currently has 7 million registered users, with 1.5 million of those users paying the premium fee of $US50.

The company said that they are currently working on Elite 2.0 and another Call of Duty is slated for 2012.



    I know this post will probably be passed off as hyperbole (or Hyper-bowl as Julia Gillard says), but Blizzard can sink into a hole for all I care.

    The amount they've mucked about with Diablo 3, and pushing the SC2 expansion into 2013, I really don't care about their future.

      You're annoyed about Blizzard taking their time on something, now?

      Bahahahaha. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but, well, this is Blizzard. That's what they've always done. At least their releases are polished to hell and back.

        And while we're on the subject, I'm never buying from Valve ever again until they let us know when Half Life 3 is going to be released!

          Think of all the hats you'll miss out on, Bunny.


            I already own Hat Hatress 2. It is free after all (and I have two copies of the Orange Box).

          "At least their releases are polished to hell and back."

          Um.. Did you even remember what World of Warcraft was like wen it was first released? It was EXTREMELY buggy!

      Dat some hyper-bowl.

        I had a hyper-bowl of cereal the other day.

        Happiest day of my life.

          In hindsight, this comment makes it appear that I'm a stoner.

          I'm okay with that.

    Well, as I see it. Their huge profit comes to the fact that all call of duty games are franchised, recycled assets with little research and development going into each iteration. They should change their name Mctivision.

    In other news, I don't care.

    Now if only that could take some of that profit and hire staff for Warcraft 4, I want to see that game before 2020.

      They have staff for Warcraft 4. They're working on Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and after that the Protoss expansion of SC2.

        Exactly, hire more staff, deliver game before 2020... especially since Warcraft 4 will likely be split into 4 parts.

          5 parts bro. NEW PANDA BASED CAMPAIGN.

    Pshhh game stop made that much from used games

    I think it's also important to note that the Blizzard 'wing' (of Liberty) of the company did not release a title in 2011, Tracey.

      Well, that sounded way more formal than it was supposed to.

      *removes top hat and monocle and leaves the room*

    >Already working on Elite 2.0
    Gosh, they just can't wait to take more money

      You realise they're a business, right? Not a not-for-profit operation. I bet you hate Steam (LOOK AT THEM SELLING STUFF IN EXHCANGE FOR MONEY, WTH!?)

        They already have all the money. They have it by milking franchises yearly and selling them at full price up until the next game is out.
        Elite's just a way to squeeze every last drop out, and now it is a yearly scheme too.

          Let them make it, let them sell it to suckers who only ever play COD games and nothing else... Don't let it bother you if you don't buy into it.

    1 billion divided by 15 is 5 devils wiht a 7.

    They would have made more profits but there were loses of 80 trillion dollars due to piracy (according to their calculations).

    $1.08 billion is equal to:
    9 million games (at Aus RRP, no less)
    108 million pizzas
    1080 ferraris (they cost a million dollars each, yeah?)

    Thats a SHITE load of Sparkle Ponies

    Who needs to push out quality content when you can keep all of the WoWdrones captivated with the bare minimum?

      That's not a very nice thing to say =/

      Some of us like World of Warcraft & want more than what you're saying there. Though it sounds like you're basing your opinion (which your are entitled to, even if incorrect) what you have heard, not from experience.

    Damn I haven't even played the 3rd Modern Warfare yet to see how the story ends (hopefully) & there's another CoD slated for this year D= though it was obvious I guess.

    Oh but second hand sales are hurting the industry, yeah right. EA has aslo posted their biggest profit in 8 years recently too.

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