Activision Boss Bobby Kotick Has A Coca-Cola Board Of Directors Position And A Smile

President and CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick joins the board of directors of The Coca-Cola Company today, applying his business talents to the makers of the most popular carbonated beverage in the world. Can flavor-based DLC be far behind? [Coca-ColaThanks Tal!]


    Yep, watch out before yuo know it you'll be buying the can and have to pay extra for the liquid component.

    If you want the diet version your going to have to subscribe to a special service.

    I clicked through to read more, completely intrigued...

    I guess this means that Coca Cola's packaging will be changing yearly from now on. Luckily the product itself will remain unchanged.

      You sir, have spoken the truth and nothing but the truth.

        except when Coke Elite goes live and you can watch and record how others drink coke!!!!

          At least we can rest assured that we'll never see a repeat of the "New" Coke fiasco. Not on Kotick's watch!

    Great, now Coke will cost $5 straight from the vending machine. I'll let you decide if I mean bottle or can.

      I caught the train for the first time in about 5 years a few weeks back and got stuck on some dingy platform waiting 45 minutes so i grabbed a 600ml coke from the only vending machine there... $4.60!!

    Coming this November Coke 2 feature reused liquid from your last bottle of coke. "It's refreshingly regurgitated".

    As it is Coke already seems to be dwindling because they price it so far about Pepsi - I remember when Coke Zero first came out - whenever they put it on special you would go into a supermarket and they'd be almost completely sold out of the stuff, nowadays the shelves are brimming with Cokes, while the supermarkets seem to go through shortages of Pepsi Max - why? It all comes down to price

    NB: Probably not a problem in America though

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