Air Guitar Hero Works, Lets Amputees Rock Out

A pair of bright sparks from Johns Hopkins University have taken the Wii version of Guitar Hero and turned it into a rehab tool for amputees. Specifically, people missing their hands/fingers.

Normally, such an injury (or by-product of surgery) would rule out the playing of games like Guitar Hero, which require, well, fingers, but biomechanical engineer Robert Armiger and surgical roboticist Carol Reiley have found a way to hook the game up to your arms and let your thoughts (and muscles) control the action.

You can see the results in the clip above, where Iraq veteran Jon Kuniholm hits us all with his best shot.

Rock Out Hands Free with Air GuitarHero [MAKE]


    That's awesome. A great idea: fun, and potentionally extremely useful.

    I wonder how it would go being played on expert

    lets see him play through the fire and flames on expert

    Great article. Informative and really good topic to be seeing on this site :) 2 for 2 today Luke along with the Starwars one. Good work.

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