Amazon France Outs 10th Anniversary Xbox 360 Bundle With Three Digital Downloads

France's marketplace is listing a 10th Anniversary Bundle for the Xbox 360, commemorating (by a few months late) the 10th anniversary of the original system's launch. It runs €280 and includes digital versions of three full games.

So, don't worry, this configuration also comes equipped with the 250GB hard drive to store Gears of War 2, Fable 3 and Halo: Reach. A disc copy of Halo: Anniversary also is included, as is a three-month Gold subscription to Xbox Live and two wireless controllers.

If that bundle releases in the US you could expect it to be between $US350 and $US370. According to Amazon France, it'll be available in Europe from March 9.

New "10th Xbox Anniversary" system bundle revealed for Xbox 360 [Examiner]


    Wait, what? Tenth anniversary of what? The X360 released in 2005.

      Tenth anniversary of the original Xbox console.

      Wow nearly got ninja'd :P

      Good thing the whole page refreshes before a comment is posted

      The 10th anniversary for xbox.

        OMG i did get ninja'd...should have looked up before hitting submit

    They could at least pre-load the games to the hard drive, that would be over 20 giga bytes of my measlly 100GB quata.sCheep-skates surely Micro-Soft could get a DVD pressed for a dollar or less.

      The point is they want to lock it to your Xbox Live account so you cant just trade them in when you have played them.

        Though digital has its advantages. No need to find your darn disc. If all games could be bought at ozgameshop prices and be digital id be a happy man.

          I only support digital downloads if they are per person not per console, I hate the idea of having to buy all the crap again or go through any hoops just because I changed my hardware.

          This is just in general and not me having a go at Microsoft for anything.

      Just because it says digital downloads doesn't mean it'll be digital in every region.

      I got one of those holiday bundles with Reach/Fable 3 and that had both games on disc; in allot of regions that same bundle was Fable on disc and Reach as a download code.

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