American Game Developer On Death Row In Iran Receives Family Visit

The fate of American game developer Amir Hekmati, currently on death row in Iran, remains in question weeks after the original deadline for appeal has passed.

As we've previously reported, Hekmati was arrested in Iran late last summer under allegations of being a CIA spy. In December he issued a public "confession", the validity and accuracy of which remains hotly questioned, and in January, he was sentenced to death by hanging.

The New York Times reports today that Hekmati's mother, Benhaz Hekmati, was able to visit with her son in prison in Tehran three times earlier this month, before returning to the United States last week. In a prepared statement, she described her son as "disappointed by the circumstances he finds himself in" but "hopeful that the truth will be known and he will be able to come home very soon."

Political and diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran, which have been strained at best for quite some time, have been growing increasingly tense throughout the year to date. The Times says of political implications: "The arc of Mr Hekmati's case has closely tracked the international war of words over Iran's nuclear program, which the West believes is aimed at developing weapons but which Tehran insists is peaceful."

American Sentenced to Death in Iran Visited by His Mother [The New York Times]

Top photo: FreeAmir website


    Why... would you go over there... as an American......

      meant to be a really good country to go for a holiday. You just need to not have ANY dealings with the government back homes otherwise you're a spy.

    My (Aussie) partner suggested we visit once. Also, Syria. You ockers will go anywhere on holiday, and it's astounding how often you get away with it. Still, for a population one fifteenth the size of ours, it's amazing how often it's an Australian or a kiwi who gets kidnapped in Somalia or Mexico. But yeah, for whatever reason the world can't help but love Australians.

    Except new south Welshmen. You guys are often smug Chardonnay-sipping boofheads. Tehran always barracks for Queensland in state of origin.

    Hanging? Seriously... Fuck Iran.

    I don't care who was doing what, it's still a pointless waste of LIFE!

      Could be worse, at least he's not getting stoned to death. :/

    I'm just waiting for those nutjobs from the previous article to post biased websites about how this guy deserves to die or something.

      No kidding. I thought the 6 comments would all be from that same guy too.

      but give it a day, he might still show.

        They made me pretty uncomfortable tbh, and that's pretty hard to do.
        I mean, when someone's life is hanging in the balance, how can one be so callous?

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