Apple Asks The Fair Labor Association To Check Out Its Chinese Labor Suppliers

After enduring weeks of criticism over the working conditions at the Chinese factories that make its products, Apple has asked the Fair labour Association to look into the matter. The FLA will audit the plants where 90% of Apple products are assembled, including the embattled Foxconn factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu.

After assessing the conditions, the FLA will provide Apple with recommendations. Here's how the audits will go down, according to Apple:

As part of its independent assessment, the FLA will interview thousands of employees about working and living conditions including health and safety, compensation, working hours and communication with management. The FLA's team will inspect manufacturing areas, dormitories and other facilities, and will conduct an extensive review of documents related to procedures at all stages of employment.

Apple notes that it has conducted more than 500 audits of its own facilities since 2006, including 40 audits at Foxconn plants. [Apple]


    its a me, mario

    Cmon...all the big corporations like Apple know exactly what goes on and why it's so cheap to use companies like Foxconn.

      Absolutely. They can pay employyes like $2 an hour with no health care.

    FLA is an industrial propaganda tool. the directors board is a who-is-who of representatives from companies known for unethical practise.
    for example hanes - they used to lobby at the us government so they would help convince haiti to NOT raise the minimum wage for labourers there from 24 cent to 61 cent. cheap tshirts are more important than human rights i guess.

    credibility of FLA? non-existent.

      So... if that's not the proper company who should be investigating..... which is the proper one?
      Which is the one that is officially recognised by standards etc?

    It must suck to be a Foxconn worker but isn't the problem the Chinese labour laws? There are a bunch of Aus manufacturers who would be paying their workers $2 an hour right now if it was legal here.

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